Saturday, May 14, 2016

What Color Is Read Should The Flag Be Pull Per_Pole??

CCNEW is right now at 3:42 AM on DISH is running a News Show on Africa Live,
the station is describing a subject of a small and receptive Town,
how beautiful it is and how welcoming the People are to to Visitors,
the Frisco Five in San Francisco California as put license to recruiting for horror in realized NOW,
CNN at^t the National and International People are now communicating terror on News Media Stations.

CCTV News (CCNEW) on DISH | MyDISH Station Details

CCTV News (CCNEW). CCNEW offers Talk, Art, Variety, Business/financial, News and Public Affairs programming. Channel279 ...

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CCTV News, formerly known as CCTV-9 or CCTV International is a 24-hour English news ... States, Channel 2119. Dish Network United States, Channel 279.

Please consider these avenues of communication as in a cent to Today and this more is stun,
the nice bravado of CCTV Reporting is taking messages to confusion??,
say that it is a 'just happening' to have been coincidence to my writing the High Alert,
but what should it be when a News Organizations puts pleasant Visit stirs to a Con_tin_Ents song,
lyrics and truth,
sorry after the shaft,
gears in striping while the grasp is the reach,
or rather the fact that the rise of introduction has become so increased that the gathering of such vies is a dead match for the countryside of Latch??

How is it People believe that communication is more that more is code in todays method of operate_shins,
attention to detail for the Sell/?,
or is it so incredible that it is so easy to know that I can also say Frisco, Texas please watch International and National News on Cable and Satellite Stations.

Please double check their shows for any cross talk that shows any similarities,
often in times of these type people region color as the fuse to say it just ain't tow,
please consider this as the well-known factor in any method of operations of boots on the grounds to run a television.

Please be aware and please do not pass this off as just stumped,
please look into more than just the graph,
these are grids on the International Shakers,
earth quakes and sigh clones to introduction fax.

As the people on the steep being aware that people in this World are going to the dines,
with each eat in word to that navigate saw deed it is just the room of a quad tick phish.