Thursday, May 26, 2016

How Is A Hi.A.Synth Sigh.Sir Grief Should The In Size.Sir Bee A Sting??

Should this posture of vocal put tunnel to poise than The Public can pick-up convo. on both Facebook and Twitter for more information to the literary Cause and effect of actual life on the dimes!! ( Ronn Owens (@ronnowens :Ronn Owens - Facebook San Francisco, California   Ronn Owens hosts the most compelling and thought-provoking morning talk show.......courtesy of 'Word on the Street'!!)  Currently he's a radio talk show host on KGO 810.

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is that wheat on oats to the flax of oil the Olive on the shale as the grape is of reining??,
does the Mind connect to the grass of soybean as the meal worm through Tequila??

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the Seashell Conch on the Starfish clam Oysters to a muscle in the Soup brawn??,
than a culture of the gopher to the ferret as a bird is the Parrot a Ringneck or Macaw??

Asking the Planet on a field of plow is the fertile^lie^Sir consideration Mankind ore Humanity??,
than the palm is a hand that trunks to a limb??,
leg of lamb is a roast yet the beef is of rib??,
doggie style is an expression is the brae a dawn.key??

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down on the Feat is that footprints emotion to swamp puddle or lake oh'shin??



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Why did the Dinosaur both feel the destruction of explosive Meteor and yet is held in complete Fossil??,
the remains of the math to what is an in.Fern.know makes chaos decide to burn.knee or freeze.Sir??,
in the note to taste the Spice of the Trades is Ma'am on the radio or at the Clock of a panned??,
the cursive been ham of the whisper to seek what is the search of the hunt on a perch??,
the Fish or the Net??,
in edition for purpose add the article numb.burr??,
or is it the ewe.pea.sea of sight from or too scope??,
bench product and Human Being??,
is than the Tower of Brook babble.lean or simply a hi.rise to introduction sir.real??