Thursday, May 26, 2016

To Ronn Owens On KGO Radio 810 San Francisco, California c/o Cumulus Media

Berried News each Cycle of the Twister on the Fine lines of,
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meant tipped,
as the spear it chew owl lah tee is the club of luck.key strike??,
that marrow of the San Francisco hop.kins at the price fix.chore of The Streets??

There it flows as the underwater Creeks,
the Ring of Fire,
an than the leave V.Uh shark and Fish??

Well the depth of comprehension is not the few.chore,
its just that the study of library chases a snatch??
the crutch is that third leg??

Or is the pardon??,
ore is the earth.E!.
real Owl lah Tee is the Snipe per at rifling through to Whisk??
at the bedding its Humankind it has been baled to plow Fields,
the brushes score the coats to covers??
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these plates of China at the Foghorn leg pour'n Elbow Room of an elephant books Vice,
crib.being that habit that comes from boar.dumb and is indicative of the stall at stable to per.form??
or is it the for.meow.lah that lays the park to the Golden Gate as a bridge to waves??

In my life the loss has been greats,
finding one gem in the fishing net that my older brother had to make that real eyes to shore,
in compassion the theater of lease,
that was the booming lumber to locked.out during daylight hours to mid knight shallows,
Gilbert & Clark,
bill graham with the marsh mellow is the calm of symphonic op.per.raw,
for in the bushes of scrabble saddle.lean the barn made for best letter on discipline,
the stride to be of candor,
the ease to be of the breeze,
the breadth to show of the experience from the Golden Gate Mounted Unit,
and the found to be of real on the everyday people with an a be see as the bit piece to English balance and Measures,
I found a rest not debt to dye with the ramble of words to stifle the flanks shards while til^lean the burr.earn.

Society how.ever will call it by Justify`EAN that it is the 'X' It and only a Caw.Rear!!