Friday, May 20, 2016

The Grasp On The News Is The Name On The Knews That Said Herb Caen Not Blunt Pot & Joints!!!

One day is Twenty for Hours for the addition of Men.its see your locale on Facebook,
articles to that edition four hour minus the Clock to punch in for the drink of verse,
each process of the streets is understanding the shoe,
on parade of kay owe eye tea is just the hymnal that proverbs a decade bringing a cent.troll,
land on California chart to know that all I know is all I know is now free to be clear.

There is no roundabout no fountain on the times that mull tee plys to further working it out,
to be of grace and thermal this is a dish of warm cheese to serve the done on nothing snot,
often on the corporations of this country it is the press a dense that have completed the toll.

Glad to hum a short little tune to say that the for years term I no longer need to be of assistance,
the city decided buy the Mayor in Office to deliver the final cough Fir as the slamming door,
invasion of the body snatchers is a great Movie to Tom Cruise your poster going forward,
the big box draw without any reality on the meet as all know the blue screen in Hollywood,
for the Films in Hollywood granted a stupidity on Bill Maher and his side kicking of Pam Coulter,
never in the Heat of that Host did I know that Anne Coulter gave rise to the misreprentation,
but now I can turn off HBO Showtime and all the sidewinders that have snake bit,
instead I have chosen to at the very least give Pam Coulter my ear so I may here the News.

As the House representative in the Privacy of phone,
the Fact that Bill Maher never straightened this on weird,
making it so that making America grate again gave nerves the grinding cough.fee dues,
therefore just hearing Pam Coulters' name made difficult as the Press does not enunciate,
of late I have enjoyed a small fragment on the radio KGO,
for now when I hear the name Coulter I can listen for the In for May shin to differ the Cause from Anne Coulters banter.

Chatter from the Hunt in the move.ease to by ways of a Jerry Lewis Marathon plaque,
hard lines wringing to cent of pennies raising hares in place of hare raise sing shackles that hobble,
persons in the horizon on straw bury fields,
I will look for your quest.chins to know that Onward Forward is not unique to aye family,
My Mother no longer harbor to the San Francisco Bay Area,
and on the times probably not going to be on air in course of this bound world,
so I have accepted the loss and said to the bye.done that any victual for feeding the bird is syrup,
to not tap a good that the City is pride of I send the letter to alphabet comprehension on this simple stow.owns hinge.