Thursday, May 19, 2016

Today was the first day I have decided to go on a nice and relaxing drive,
so to the beach by route of the scenic view alongside the Golden Gate Thoroughfare,
just this side of the bay enjoying the county of Marin on their roads,
I stopped and gave pause on one of their available parking places to really look at the marvel of the Bridge itself.

As I sat to feel the breeze Nero had decided to do something he has not done in a while,
go with me on the singing across the beauty of just a gorgeous day,
be it Nero is older and given paws to rather sleep,
but today was incredible as his company trued priceless!!

The Headlands that shows The Lombard is funny to see from the air read role,
however to add the pictures is to really enhance to the passing visitor to my blog a google provision,
for while I know the environment of these surround,
the earth to sky photograph gives the entire day a fathom of breadth to recognize life,
the gentle speak of radio teak.

The past few weeks I have had to join Nero on the napping,
as I have had fairly intense injuries to by bodily frame,
of late the shooting stride of my everyday pain increased expeditiously,
so this was a treat for I and for Nero it was his treasury to being such a friend to situation,
he plodded with funny company to fill the empty chair in my automobile with his rein.

Above I have put a picture of the product that I thought to try for some relief now a Triplex album,
as today proved to the fact I felt good enough to venture and adventure of lease,
the bones didn't hurt and my back was not screaming at the decibel of agony in usual,
these are precious moments to know that it worked on my ready self without penalty of my stomach,
for I have had to Pepto Bismol the Aspirin and the frustration is groan.

Unfortunately on my return in early afternoon a terrible fraction came to divide the factor,
as storms come the breath that I could not draw spoke a my speakers traverse,
I gained again to listing to 'The Bone' on FM,
I sang to the Volume for the frustration of shore,
I faced the day with what gave pause with the fact that singing gave Wave.

So grateful I am that I am able to work it out with movement,
not being subject to the couch and television as that just grows emotions to tunnel,
for those in trailways pain I understand the chorus to lyric,
but should the bones be aching and the stomach burning drink in thought what gave I a lot,
for on the calendar of today I noted the expression with a time that delivered so much that I sleeve,
for the letter to the prose might the words compass to a subject of difference,
bringing plop,plop more than a fizz.

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