Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Just Know That All These Fires In California Is To Say Aye^Earn, The Neigh.Oles Out Of Claus.Sit, And It Ain't Creature Featured As Sum Dog&Poe.knee Showed, Its A Natural Disaster!!

This World on the Times in Jury is the In.Sult.ten??,
the EU & its Measure of Country???
as no persons cork concerned than vast is Vat to soil breech????,
a met.Tour.a.rein.Knee.yen Crews to the easy speak of the Pope to our Spindle???
whoa.ole on the Mountain of IM.pyre your Photo.Graph of Fried??,
or the poe^lease to a Paul^a^See to state the Ven.Gnu off shuffle.boards neigh.Old??????

Allowing that Butter Rump from The Roman Catholic Church into these United States of America,
that true.lee gave the flag a brim,
a Pope in Office that retired A Pope in Reality in Roman Steap as the Watts of LA inn Congress.sshh.Shin.knoll Plate,
the off.Fence too The E!.Ewe???

The National Media NBC, ABC, CBS Channel across the bladder of each Person.a.Knoll roam,
touch cheese and got a Pimm.Pole to whet a bare.Earl,
 the Cyst.Stir propped A Gone.deed The Middle East as Ball??,
or an answer that just is an Accidental Tourist on the Honest.Tea of Saw.Ole.

Short that while Commercial goes to Pill.Oh's and University with the question of Gun Control,
which is hare.row.in the mall.lee of skit.tolls to Dates like Fig.you're.Rings??,
Hell.low Central for The Doors on that Johnny Math.Is con.Cert has gone op.per.uh and spanked the in.ch. to book a Chap.Tour,
rather lat.in good old boy but than again the old mother board did teak a pear.rot on Apple as a byte ore bit.Inn,
whit a bit of luck the class.sick.call will mark up to swell real.eyes.scene that terms had agreed??,
be Cause it Wood have Bean the Write thing To due??,
rather cheek.key though.

Minutemen have yet to be arm.more`d??
these are days of death at dead shores on that Ewe.Your.Pea.In Torque??,
country to coal.chure ask creamer and Milk or should it in Tang.Gull staff moss.cone.knee in grape.duh??
shame the a bashing to the Trophy Hunt.Tours of liars in The United States of America,
style your compass to the brass of the anchors at the Anchors having not In.Form shale to Desk,
Morse Code branch is at War,
the Wind talkers in that Now for the An.Crow.NIM??,
oh the texting that stingers relate to The Keys of floor.a.duh??,
travel that trail on this country and the lack of in.knee leadership to enter.rein,
the National Broad.Cast.Sting cyst.stem.

Shirt tails with snarled Hare on that is the Turtle of a Step,
Cronos must place Magnified pleasure to the Star of Vega to pronounce Aunk,
Milky Waves a gasp,
hear the shower of a memory on that is the sheep that skin.knee the shine.knee of Sup.port as Share.E!??,
whats Trend.Dean now??,
Dragons and stall??,
that Piece in the Maul??,
mob.stirs gone leap??,
to the next channel of CNN or IM.S.Inn.Bee.Sea??,
or just the traveling deaths of sew many stars that David Bowie sings at a Trace of the 1973 streaker's Smiled??

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