Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Salman of Saudi Arabia, I Cleric You're Sire To The Worlds Tend And For Grove I Redwood This A Beens' Mile To The Inch That Parts Our Sea,

I hold many a still frames to the days of school in this World of shod to that European 'Traps' off Harnessed,
the bellow of the Catholic Priest on the Chimney of the Pope robbing America!!

Trial this to the Incan and the Aztec and the Billions of DEAD,
the Catholic Church,
you're the Pork on the Beast of bacon to Sands desire,
that Middle Trip on the Journal of the As Scope!!

Switch Tile with the Christians in American Pew??,
for that is not a Question to the joint of Cannibals and the Cross.Sect.Shins of drink at Supper,
the Cyst.Steep Chapels on the Bridles of Stirrups should Spur to a Classical silk,
like the jock.keys of alter on the All.Tour of the Religious grasp at the Reach of the King off Saudi Arabia,
and on that Shell owe.ill of Hell lo to the Prize,
it is I!!!

Bath in the Words and rinse Tell to real.eyes,
Prince and Pop.per Brats of the Heritage of that King in Saudi Arabia,
Hows the Fast??,
the blood line??,
that Face.Shill of Sheets and Covers to the lack Lust.Tour??

Miss Sing the Part A Call for the raft??,
is the oar of trial on this brass of Set??,
the single bed lamb??,
or the Cattle??,
which is the Country bot Toll for your Crown Piece of Brow.banned??,
the Roy.Ole or the Soy.Ole of Lent??,
green is the Iron on this charge to Once Again say War to the a Send??,
nigh the hour of cowardice on chin,
you gather the flock.King to bunch this Ba neigh gnaw??,
awe but for The Dragon,
the breast of Turkey,
the Chicken leg that K eff See does the Magic in a Pen.Sill??,
forest Well my deep Stork,
for the loin of roast is the beef of what a bulb.bust says to bee??,
the sting is not the Wall of China,
it is just feed for in pigeon you shall know that words Matter and a sphere a call cents the dough,
its the seed of your sperm.sail that has brought down your pal.list to be my worth on your trace.Sir,
I venture only the X it to deter.men.eh.shin,
that my friend is the shard,
The Sand,
The Sphinx,