Monday, June 27, 2016

Sioux.Is Canal?? Or Suez Canal Or Just Zeus Can.NAL Off Or Of Port Said??

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For Applications Requiring Up To 30 Gallons Per Hour
AmeriWater’s complete water treatment systems for central sterile processing provide high quality low conductivity water for washers,Water Treatment System for Central Sterile Processingdisinfectors, glassware washers, steam boilers and final rinses used in hospitals. They are designed to use a minimum of valuable floor space while providing high quality water. Field proven in medical facilities across North America, AmeriWater’s water treatment systems are designed to minimize maintenance and deliver greater energy efficiency while providing cleaner water for cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilization.
  • Prefiltration for sediment removal
  • Reverse osmosis unit purifies your water
  • Anti-scalant feed reduces hard water scale on RO
  • Controller with conductivity feed and product water
  • Simple disinfection cycle
  • Storage tank with sealed lid and distribution pump ensures continuous pure water for your systems
  • Optional deionizer polisher includes a 200,000 ohm-cm monitor and alarm
  • Low feed pressure system shutdown / alarm
  • High conductivity alarm
  • Storage tank empty pump shutdown
Up to 20* / 30**YesStd5500HC-204562x30x62
High Flow00HC-2050
High Flow00HC-2019
* Gallons per hour are listed at 60% of the rated capacity due to variables such as feed pressure, feed water quality, and temperature.
** By adding the blend valve (00HC-5001) the feed inlet water temperature is maintained at 77F, which increases the RO product output.