Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Nub Of a Dutch Doll Once The Fluttering Sheet On The Lawn.Dread Line??

Note to Self: This post was written on my google blog 'The Secret of the Universe is Choice; Know Decision by I, Karen Anastasia Placek and held in draft until 'Published June 25th, 2016'. At and for my reference to the many more posts in 'the hold' google time stamp on my acer laptop computer running Windows to say the time is 
4:58 AM to date and state Published Now. Original and free write done by I on June 22nd, 2016.

On determination of the phrase,
in the opera of trumpet, 
it is the sand.  

As the wind is the blow of pre.vail.lean,
than the base cyst??, 
off this World is the move lest a word to cent!!

True chorus,
a sail of what is that comes from the quick slip grain of a single strand,
as thread is of vase and paint of bush is the actual shade the stroke of a hand??,
does the mural invite a granite to sculpt??

Heavy are the nigh trials,
minor constellation says that Orion is on the speech through a stride that is pronounced,
stars on the suns with planets to know the impaction of a spring to discuss the galaxy,
shall the steer bring a cadence for Human Beings to navigate.

Each present Major Constellation,
speaking on a reason is the Inch to a why whistle,
is the Whale sewn to Mortal flower,
does the daisy say Lilt or is the Dam.Neigh.Shin the Sew.sigh.IT.tee`d Planned??

Fore Masque in that is the Moon,
a grace to conversation each calendar special on the shading of rest!!

the simple plausibility is that the entire Moon still shapes the eyes,
as what is the shadow??,
a better talk to the Land??

Now on the Year of constant is the Civilizations in the Ignore of Creations evolution to understand the Stork??,
did the egg just separate on the yolk Shell of a scramble??,
in words Worth of Universe which is that thigh??

Chorus of See's Suns,
a marker on a sphere,
that round or is it Four Corners Square??


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