Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Reality Of A Piano Concerto Whist Play^INN 'Y' 'M' See Eh!!!

The word in a glimpse to the thought of what the World is failing to a present formula of coin,
in that is the hopes of more to the attention of the face to face and shoulder to bolder,
each passing platter is why people in paddling end up on the strip teased,
be braver then wiser and the wisdom will in gauge safety to a days proper action,
in the times of letter dust jackets and a good brain to work the difference with Niece.

A riddle on the poet to the tile of cobbler,
a say to said is not a quick burl of twisting gut to produce,
it is a Goods that brings to the Town the chore to think lives matter,
as being from the city and seeing so much in at a time when our Country just did things,
I halted myself to be no symphony or opera,
My Mother did teach of consistency,
the Onward Forward.

A method regardless of what is your found embrace to strength,
the honest and love for a future to be undivided,
these are the balances that would truly bring compass to hug life,
on the News or even a sing on the lyrics Commercial,
to the Human Being it is a delivery,
every step that you cadence,
each flooding stare brought experience,
in that is choice,
to be who you are without the formula of joking to brake,
a Sun is bright on fog from the reflection of the Ocean to know of education to a single shard of glass,
frame to picture the Well in that is the Water on a pail.

Buckets of sand to each grain of salts brine,
the Forest or The Groves that have provided our hour with a fragment of shade,
it is the moving Sun on that incredible and beautiful Tailor seeing the sky as a view of The Blue,
loving such reflective detail it reminds the breadth of Time that The Ages had Incredible bare.rings,
the sign or and instrument that is showing the signature of our heritage,
like a phone to that being a smile on a day in the memory of what has gone to quickly,
for that I say love really does embrace patience to see innocence and know my hugs to you today!!

May this traveling letter reach to a flow til la,
may understanding be your comprehension to be of your whom taught Mi,
 singing wherever we know,
marching for what I have always scene,
the pride of knowing that what you showed gave more to my small life than I am able to thank you for in this note,
from my life to yours may our city be a standing place that says Freedom is liberty.

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