Sunday, July 3, 2016

Attention Tiburon An Belvedere Is In A True Compass.Sing As The Original Talk?? No, It's Our Bestest Friend This AM On CBS Sunday Morning Right Now!!!

This is a love to my desk and to this day of Thunder he is a Hymn.Knoll of Wonder??,
Charles Osgood is just love as dg is a definition of more than decomposed granite,
it is the understanding of per.tick.cue.lure footing that Speaks to say .........

well, tune in don't drop out,
the 1930's to that Imagine tell.a.Vision of reality should the barrel not stick.coal,
that is the bravo of what is a car,knack that mess.a.tame.Mi.yaw drivers??,
in the depth of Trump to the Clinton of whom,
bills or with dawn.old on the Hum.bolt sills??

Windows at the ole 'did you mean' core.wrecks??,
shins to shun.kneeing shy.knee with more.rock,
what is that Mr. Bill O'Reilly bringing on the butter of a Sourdough said,
quite possibly the great expectation is reading read hare.rows came.bridge.

The best of that is My Big Brother Ed,
the most best of all in knowing he is My Big Brother too,
however for ever and a day I will be of what I'm not good at,
I'll shoot the Share.If peep.pull don't Sing a Santana.

because that song is a dime in a wrong,
and Mr. Bill O'Reilly would never a.prove that determination to his psalter of him.knoll, is the a.prawn of that evident of how exciting this new day has be.come,
join the dollar at the price of a quarter and that will definitely bump your enthusiasm for that good ole fashioned. .,  .. .  .  .
lets see breakfast in America on the James Blunt style of speak would or must just say,
this is Fred Flint.Stones Show!!!

private smiles

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