Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sew That Jamican Sled Team And Its An Owe.Limb.Pix's Or Picks.Soles To That Bay Bridge And E!.Wreck.Tore Sets Saying You Could At Lease Tried???

'Y' is the drag.gun of The National Inquire Reed??,
 a work to know that Dragons are like Unicorns??

Once the Indie of James Blunt,
 in Australia at New Zealand and this Video of a Rally,
to the fact that Ponies and

Might the Floors to answer the fact,
the chain.gang.EAN in India at Pt. be of the Live??,
for the reports are such quick sand to those stings,
to U.C. Berkeley is this a DISH??,

Does all the groping of the Mind just give Supper to a diner on that,
or does the cup of coffee to Rebecca personal statue a limitation to the story of what is a Board??,
should knot the Venue stay the Course??,
would that not be the aye in the Storm of Sense and Sense.SA.bill.IT.Tea??,
or does it now Call.Ledge to only a Ewe.Knee.Verse.Sit.Tee??,
what is that in the Taught.See of that Nickname of My Mother Geemie let alone the whistle.lean of Gruggles on the Brit.Ten??,
brick is the fact that Cheshire just went outside and brought a live mouse in back into the house.

There as I walked across the kitchen floor and while not paying attention to Cheshire true full,
for it is technically Cheshire Churchill,
anyway the fact is that I stepped on something,
being that I walk gently for the surprise step ... well you gather the association,
don't laugh just chortle for the define is as an easy speak.

Back to My Story,
the little fluff that I felt as I stepped on a banana slug outside gave me look,
yet to my definition of Scream there was a little cubby mouse,
after immediately running into the bathroom I bravo by squeek to wisdom.

Then here comes Lobos Creek and I thought great now I'll be watching the finishing squire,
while looking Lobos just went up not seeing it two millimeters away at this point,
waiting for the immediate pounce I took notice to the causal walk of the cats,
this determination gave cause for my initial startle to say to myself oh wait,
'you're still alive!!' oh dear,
so I turned grabbed a rag and placed it over this young mouse like the Officer at the following:
The Golden Gate Mounted Unit would explain to any layman the process of the horse etc.!!

Basic Blind Event!!

That Mouse is in the understanding of what is a Traveling Belle??,
I put the mouse back outside and on course had to say don't jump on me,
all because that is the reaction of mice in a fright of opening the cupboard door,
I learned that when Tam left me in a sudden impact of Montara Mountain learning,
regardless the math is that it is the stream of a word like pea,
now that is a good belly roller!!!

Sarah An Meek.Kin ore the Turf of ruffing out,
 an Etch a Sketch to say that Beck is of Chap.Pull.Lean to Heeling??

 is I on the Vlad?? ,
is choice a secret or the secret of knowing whom is relative to convo.??
or is it just this ankle of that speech,
The Congo??

Than whats a byte to Tabloid,
inch of the measure to 'Sunny Brook Farm' should 'Friends' be An Oscar Meyer and Tom Cruise is in that Pickle??

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