Sunday, July 17, 2016


Oh now Country of the United late tours to the delve of the actual Cop that did not shoot chew,
the spit that spew to every single Cop at the point of those baiting for the hook and Tackle,
walking along side those Parade Routes oops I mean the riots mobbing,
the people with their signs,
singing at the chant,
hate and anger wanting trouble??

No you people want the excite Tent of a brawl on the Streets which chose protects,
the branch by department to the take on the other cheek just keeps pace not paste,
nope the Cops just walk The Beat but whom is the Anchovies' at the startle of this Verse,
well its a deep subject on the Once a pawn the Story??

Nigh the Hour of Immediacy,

Its every single step that taunts the Lunge??,
or are the Parade Routes now long lining the Cops with Words??,
does it make your Temple of your Mined??,
does the drill that you are harboring make Terrorism yours' Up Close & Per.Son.Knoll??,
did that jazz of the Sexual Anonimity bring the screw to that Table or is the Tablet set to Hammer??

Decide for the Sake,
for I lived and then I was Murdered in Russia,
taken from my home with my family and shot dead execution style to live??

All the way through I horror the Memory of each and every blood drip upon my creek,
in method to the age of the steep every country and the blows,
system to the Make America Grate Again or is it great a gain??,
whom really knows??,
well case after case of kids coming to voice have named their Murder in a life before,
again and again the stories circulate this earth like the breath that I am removing from your lungs as you still.

The frame by frame reality of just being,
that life on the times to the multiples of how you are now penning the Cops to your pair.raids,
you drive down the streets in gears of driven to start a killing,
no matter The Cops just walk the Beet??

Like the Guard.Den of E!.Den the brass is the Lilt of your Eve,
who's on Top and who is on the Staff,
that tree of knowledge speaking to the portion of the Fence.sing,
well.lures touch the lace.sing,
it is no fill.tour its the chime of all of your bring home the Bacon and Fry it Up in a Pan.

How would each of you fee.ole personally should one of your own make decision to fire death at premised,
does that make you a person I hate for the American Indian that scalped the Wagon Trains,
do I hate the Johns' for the rapes that drove to my beach in the grit of the Wayne's on the 815 Hymn.knoll??

Wares the Call on the Trigger of Hi.Owe.Silver and all the Ones that died,
getting out of the car to just see you face to shoulder as they weight outside your drivers side window,
how many toe to done has there been in per.cent.edge to the magnolia of what is a life,
is it the constant hatred or the fact that they are the only ones that X it again and again,
their head still abroad their thoughts to the,
what say your choice of operation to the constant slammer?? 

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