Thursday, July 28, 2016

Emergency Broadcasting Network To The Tone Is Now Been After Touch Important Information!!!

This is not a riddle nor is this a poem of poets' poetry,
this is an announcement that is not by invitation,
it is reality in the days of Now that life is so suddenly altered by what is scene and not known.

As a child My Mother and I were kidnapped from a back East home,
it was her friend Mary Malcolm Moseley that invited My Mother and I to visit her Family,
at that the flight to such trauma has not just stuck to me as a difference,
it has brought more to understanding danger before the class goes to school.

This car is a horror to a person like myself,
as I was not taught rather trained to be station aware,
My Mother gave rise to Vans with sliding doors and no windows,
this was classically a threatening vehicle during the 1970's to the kidnapped,
for first information of facts and the frost account to your town go to your local Police Station,
please do not leave these very important information alerts to looking it up on your personal laptop.

From I to Any Person this is the Witness to my mind in a to second count,
a person is filling the car with groceries and not completely paying attention to their surround,
a person pulls next to your vehicle at the store or corner market or gas filling station,
the bump into causes you to bend but not for the bag of grocery,
should even an eye witness not immediately take note to your disappearance behind the car door,
the event in that first response to all of a sudden the car doors and/or trunk is still open yet you are not seen,
than the memory of witness immediately strains to that tiny car.

At this scenario all be it quick to not only note but to make a quicker 911 call,
the observance well heeded might even include a snapshot of the license,
yet this scenario fails upon that second turn to street and this is how. . . 

The skit than transfers to the next rafter as this will go so fast in what I shall place to pictures,
for in the reminder to myself it delivers not fear rather my knowing how important time to scale remains to be in every aspect of how much more quickly the local Police Departments can place this advisory to their partners in every department across this Nation NOW!!!

by both ship, shore and air the shipping knew rule of how My Mother and I were taken in one night,
I will not forget that chore to the calm My Mother kept,
for you the choice is to ignore my entire reason for writing every single word as quickly as port,
you may continue to say that I am not worth the fathom of my balance,
however now might one more Mother, Father, Child, Sibling, Sister, Brother or Friend be saved not found dead by the tracks or caught in a human traffic spline that has become the back-bone of this Worlds Cry.

with the olympics on my scale of how fast the trip shades a journal!!!

At this style of write to picture the Job click to the attachment,
with a simple mind imagine each picture of the movement of horse to the enclosed tiny car in a groat,
grits and oats to syrup and pancakes,
its all in the due.tee.