Thursday, July 28, 2016

Rebecca, Kathleen, Johno And Lauren, Ralph Nader Is a Forgotten Man That Each Of You Should Find Familiar To Dissect.Shin Of The Strange And Extreme Difference In The Politcal Campaign Air-Raw Once A Comprehension And Now A Total.Lean Off The Crust Of The Man That Followed Hymn: Ross Perot??

Electoral history of Ralph Nader

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Ralph Nader, 2007
Electoral history of Ralph Nader, an American attorneyauthorlecturerpolitical activist, and candidate for President of the United States in four elections.
(*) - write-in candidate
Listed only those who won over 1% of votes
(*) - write-in candidate
1996 Reform Party Presidential primaries:[5]
1996 Libertarian Party Presidential primaries:[6]
1996 Green Party Presidential primaries:[7]
  • Ralph Nader - 23,625 (97.91%)
  • Mary Cal Hollis - 395 (1.64%)
  • Uncommitted - 110 (0.46%)
1996 Green Party National Convention (Presidential tally):[8]
  • Ralph Nader - unopposed
2000 California Presidential primary for independent voters:[9]
2000 Green Party Presidential primaries:[10]
2000 Green Party National Convention (Presidential tally):[11]
2000 Independence Party of New York Presidential Convention:[12]
Minnesota Independence Party presidential caucus, 2004:[13]
2004 Reform Party National Convention (Presidential tally):[14]
2004 Green Party National Convention (Presidential tally):[15]
2004 Peace and Freedom Party National Convention (Presidential tally)':[16]
2004 Independence Party of New York Convention:[17]
2008 California Peace and Freedom Party Presidential primary:[18]
2008 Green Party Presidential primaries:[19]
'2008 Vermont Liberty Union Party Presidential primary:[20]
2008 Connecticut for Lieberman Presidential caucus:[21]

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