Friday, July 29, 2016

In Width Of Love For General And May Lilo Fore Know That Poet Was Not A Skid As That Would Have Been A Dollar Hide To The Work Of Reality!! In Each Ride There Are Hours That Speak Volumes But Know Spoke As You, For You Spoke The Breeze With A Grains Mile To My File!!!

Should secular measure the rule with Independence Day in the U.S.A. than may your Might be Tee,
for the Flag at the plant to the Hedge and the Trim is the Celebration of tradition by grain??
many certain inalienable writes gave rise to the state of Fireworks for display??,
the main-frame to tags is not I by this lane,
sure Veal to Cow is the Milk be that Vein!!

Touch this with your language and word it a tea,
for the pot is nigh Planters as Peanuts and Pickle,
the jar to the fact that Machines are a grasp,
may this Text tile be Lathe to the Shingle of Train!!

Station too station this is night the light bridle,
bit to the Double edge as the Mountain of Tack,
talk Goods??,

This is the Country of ever so dash,
the eh bee see is not owe.shin nor is it North by South lash,
it is not The Whip as that is Congress go Ryan,
and that is a Hammer with a Gavel from Desk,
this is the earth of proper and prime,
be strength or be sound as the vocals are sung.

Lyrics to Rickets the horse as the Barn,
stable be Cob as the Sixteen-One hand,
in that find this mind as the parade of just sand,
for the balance of duel is more than just fear!!

Stride to that jump and The Grid has its plate,
clinics and Wofford the Sabo at Rein??,
do no effort more than whats clear,
for the three-day eventer is the tier in this beer??,

Challenge 'Condition' while the 'Condition.shin.Knee.EAN,
I style the present as a gift wrapped with Cheers!,
these are the move.ease as I blink and I stand,
not for and not from for I'll say to your drum,
do your sticks go to ankle does your hip say to crock,
a giraffe said a Tree and the Elephant war laughed??,
nigh the hour to bell on the ringer of sing,
shank is a lead-line the hobble or placed,
does the walk brush the Box did it storm with a Twist.Stir,
no cyclone will gutter while the road goes to Palm.

I am a particular familiar with choice,
be the Tenderloin prowess as the Hats are  not Whigs,
Wares of the Dungeon no Crab said to phish,
for in the Season of Apollo the Moon is its lens.duh,
now that understanding delivers this fee.mail,
may the pass.Port be Sherry and a Glass for your Talent,
therefore for piece of this Riddle by said,
sounds are not Act.cents yet Add to the Tub`d,
three ole time reads for your feather be light,
a Monopoly of explanation is the Needle in Banked,
Chance to that is the Jay that speaks French,
for Bandit came to and that is the Rank!!!