Friday, July 29, 2016

Rebecca What Was The Teach For Kathleen At George Peabody On 6th And Clement???

The aspect of deliver the Newspaper at the Driveway is as the Letter is a Post,
to know that the Office is once a Speak Ease.See so is the dry docks of Pea,
a found at the price of liquor is the drink of boats and show,
to this or to either is both??

Fortune Cookie on the Wheel,
does the Wind blow,
from the basic understanding of the tree and ear,
is breath to held or holding deer as Bandit did appear,
the breakfast of such regard is the print of why is the mark a measure to a shores a.doored,
valley heave to mountain state is thee shoulder wrapping lei,
is flute to the stern of reed the brain a mind on language trumpets hood??.

Que to Card,
the Streets of San Francisco,
City Hall the Courts and Call a Box is in the loin??

Tender bit to Template fined,
computers marching great ole dime,
than is the meant of catcher in the rye or corn or wheat of Salisbury??

Town to Village People sang with Lyrics raised not Rum,
the sheet music of My Mother plays to Oregon on this Given Day,
therefore Sun.Day on the Horizon will be that gentle ever Work??,
the sun will be in every state of each and all the World bake,
the Moon does grace our thought to month in which the ankle knows E! lapsed.