Sunday, July 24, 2016

Knew Gal^lure^E! From The Flute Too The Whistle!!!

The cost of company at&t the DISH that procession of advance,
take the money make it dock to the tour often,
march the cellphone to the testing and make the people stump,
as the change in coin to purse it is not the meant its maid to thrive that hidden lie,
as the Satellite should have gone down in press to Up the Cork as the Bell System.

Yet in the deed of Sell Sell Sell Wall Street,
the tick.kit on found Out,
the bounty is the liar of the Mass is inch that rule to dip a copper in the Bisque!

Whom on this U.S. Staff has actually had a Penny is their Hand and not the Tweet in that dime??,
who has Quarter to the Year??,
the coin^age of the method is An Cent.

To this the faster basket is to disguise the Men to Hide the Lair,
in the dungeon of the Crab a blanket of Smoke Signals did not give rise,
for the Men bough to and that is the Independent choice to go and find that Lincoln.

Shall the gas.owe.lean be only the computer digit transfer for fool is the Country on the pier,
should the cyst.tum ankle the twin will be on the Gere,
than the Dollar will Show.

It is the Head not the Tail that branches,
in this it will Pro^Vision!!!

Per.Happens to that is the see.deed on Once a pawn a tore read to bring the Envelope of what was a Chore,
the Wars of past to that knowing the War of the few.chore,
for that in the big Hell.lo I thank Mr. James Hillier Blount as you welcome for the Pot I.D.,
a plant by lyrics the bridge by Bar a bell in the liberty to know you are get^Tar,
in Owe^ill the Ranch dress.Sing a Monk.Key Suit to Space Astro.Knot,
it is that Name Change on the Oh did Chew not Dice on the gamble to New York as L.A. in the shoe??

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