Thursday, July 21, 2016

Morning Suit Top Hat Is My AKA To The Elephants Sit^Deed Date

Missing the Rider on the logo of the Picture for Imagine is just the people of no mind to remember,
the truth verses the sing a long E! on the Lawn,
tread the Tire and Wheel the Wright,
it is the Lock and Key of varied Pen & Stow,
for that is the Harness of err at the Price of a strobe!!

As for the Circus of how JFK said to the now done on the Tied here is the fashion of I,
the initials are in Cursive LS,
the Name in standing for As Professor Ottomar Herrmann is the paterfamilia,
in the old European tradition and is the man responsible for the Royal Lipizzan Stallions,
show as it is presented today is that from of the Fore the Counter of reality to that Tie Scape of truth??,
born in Austria.

(purpose of the bold italics is for no mistake on the booking; see below)

Ottomar was the first male child in what became a family of 3 brothers and 5 sisters,
the Lipizzans put on neither a circus nor a rodeo .  .  .
The horses take an obvious pride and joy in their accomplishments,
here is a heartwarming display of courage,
patience is the belly of no barrel as that is now self evident to the reason for post!!

Care, rhythm, poise, balance and especially love.

The Herrmann Family

Otto Herrmann, Jr.
Brigitta Herrmann
Gabriella Herrmann
Frederick Herrmann :signature included in booking
Wolfgang Dellefont
Lydia Herrmann
Harry Herrmann
Linda Herrmann
Guido Herrmann
Professor Ottomar Herrmann :signature with statements meaning as the horse in hand

General Show Offices:
Otto Herrmann, Jr.
Box 9 Singletary Road
Myakka City, Florida 3351

Program Produced by Theslof St. Paul, Minn. 55106 Tel. 776-7486
Litho in USA


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