Saturday, July 9, 2016

Parental Guidance Is Not Recommended It Is Required For This Trojan Horse!!!

Interestingly I looked at the adding the Year 1012 B.C. to the Current 2016 A.D.,
what it equals is in deed uncomfortable yet important to Note of the Incan Calendar,
should the World have kept to honest Times in The Ages than the Year would be 3028 A.E.??
or should the Year be Dated differently on that Anchor of a Door climber??,
regarding Truth of Record it still treads to the Tires,
therefore I surged to look at the Internet for any compare to Years baled.

Fact to Movie is more than a Theater,
it is the Reliability to Understand all of Today & The Signature of This Week in the U.S.A.,
tide on that is the raise.soars edge,
by duty and by compass this is not anything that should be in a hold,
every person concerned??,
everybody should be learn.

Comprehension to the Religions that have All.Toured the Global Heat,
it is not Hot nor is it Cold,
it is neither luke warm or rival risk,
to comfort America with lying is merely what seams the responsibility of Radio and Television,
as is more like bisque.

Dumb.E's for Ought.Tee.See is the bare.role of this chair,
being Frank is of the being born in San Francisco, California and not in the Mid West,
this birth of Berth to horror is a recorded Hollywood Lot,
stress should that be of your match to stick of burial of true,
do as you're the shoe to buckle the letter,
cadence candor evidential case to library of sheets to hoods and rim,
the Golden Gate Bridge is the stride of a Fountain for what is a built span.

Men prepare your Fathom,
you're the beacon of a chart Homer to Odin and still,
Zeus is not an Echoing vase,
the paints and the shadow is this video in bytes.

Due to its nature of route I put to license only those that are capable of thorough Vetting,
be wise to the Tune as that is a Mirror to what this Week has been to what I love,
thereby coordination of release is to be advised by whom has greater intelligents than I,
for I will not hold back what I feel is prevalent to the News for my Country on the streams,
a river at the mountain on the storm of humanity is what a halt made possible increases life not embraces death for shore.

Published on Mar 15, 2013
In the year 3028 A.D., Earth is being attacked by the Drej, which are aliens made of pure energy! The Drej mother-ship destroys Earth with an energy beam just as hundreds of space vehicles manage to escape with the last of mankind aboard! One of the escapees is Sam's young son Cale, who carries with him a ring given to him by his father. Fifteen years later, Cale works on a salvage station, eking out a rough life and hating his father for having disappeared aboard the Titan so long ago. Without a home planet, surviving humans have been reduced to outer space drifters and are constantly bullied and looked down on by other space-faring races. A human captain named Joseph Korso and his pilot Akima seek out Cale and explain that he must help them find the Titan which contains a mechanism that will create a new Earth and therefore unite all of humanity. Meanwhile, the Drej wants to find the Titan so that they can destroy it. With Korso's help, Cale discovers that the ring his father gave to him contains a genetically encoded map to the Titan, and thus begins his race across the universe with Korso and his ship and crew, including Preed, a wisecracking rat-like humanoid, Gune, an eccentric, green-skinned scientist, and Stith, a tough, hard-as-nails weapons expert who resembles something of a kangaroo. Before long, Cale and Akima finds out that Korso is searching for the Titan in order to hand it over to the Drej.

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