Sunday, July 10, 2016

So I Propose An Emergency While The Decision To Block What Is Only One Bridge For San Francisco, This Is A Real Video Picture Included For The Idiocy That People Decided To Block On July 9th, 2016. Now Understand That Running To Block The Bridge Is Now On Your Shore Of Responsiblity, 'Cause You All Know That San Francisco Is Now Both A Earthquake City Of History And A New Listed Tidal Wave Shore Of Signed, Warned And Provision Of Exit Emergence Or Maybe You Did Not See The NEW SIGNS Down At The Marina Greens!!!!!

The Bridge did get closed by Pickers at the Sacramento Mediation Office by successful Family destroyers,
the ankles of known maid that Court House on the harness at the bridles,
reins and sheering of what is a shore to beach is the obvious,
no toll no brain no walk no shift no Cecil Williams and his beautiful Wife.

For that it is straight-up a cyst.tour to disconnect the pane,
choice is The Tenderloin for I,
as for the county of New York??,
Rebecca would say that City had a deed,
the directions came with no glue to her Mind??,
just a memory,
more like the scrabble??,
or a letter and Grand Central Station to the Waldorf.

To know of the connect is the Muni,
from that to the Terminal of Greyhound,
a phone booth for the screen??,
or is it the Coffee Shop cream??

These are the daisies of nothing more than the ranks,
trough of drowning toads to the price of squirels on the Park Road,
to that the Bulls in the Pasture as the Steer,
loaded that trough of water,
the float was on the ranger that notice of intent??,
the streakers just turned their knows to charge the traffic and stop the flow by hand walking beers!!

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