Sunday, July 10, 2016

Strict Rules For National Geographic for KIDs As The Water Buffalo I Saw Had No Ring Yet This Wish Is Too Show Keen

Bam Boom Big Doom,
the case goes to the child,
down in the stake of Mars,
an ankle for the pharaoh on a memory of a stream in the nights day,
a library the ones that know my grain.

I slept tipped on a style,
my legs drawn to the drink of skinny,
where is the pause to these dark cows,
is it only in the feat of lost ka blues??

Heave I heard that founder,
I did not crawl for protection is the stale,
a bile of vile to stomach only human,
being is the fathom ground!!

Teak your Up with lips of Nair.Row??,
shave the Ice and Cream that taffy Cow`d??,
is the Teat of the Cock on the Chicken Crow when??,
is the'll chaining every person??

I cannot state the depth of Numbers,
steeped be while to dead brings,
come on facial explanation??,
is each of sing.gull Man of key Um??

Why is the rape of Mankind Hap.pen.Ninn??,
what is the strain of this World on Hell in Baal??,
sew the thread and you shall Catholic only cathadure.

The shallow leap is suture to the staff??,
dos the empty body measure only sku??,
the price of sucking smead,
is milk the thick sugar streams of Man's lined??

Shed of Tools with Mouths of angles,
shoe the lace and tied the shirt Tale??,
showing all that act.shin to the basement of ole craft??,
which dock.tore gave to language on this graphed??,
the google search for only what I saw in the beauty of no query,
for Nature gave Suns Rise to this simple note,
for I thought to wise,
looked at the Water Buffalo for the Indian Sign of the land of Wares,
in horror I cried,
with dream I troubled not,
for this is the tread of computation and the lakes of blacken seeds by Women and their leads!!!

Grateful I am for the Computer and all big Games,
for the first Time in the Ages those Women will be Profiled by the FBI,
once the See aye eh  comprehend of a queer word to passing phlegm,
Women with a nodding chin,
Women Now??  Will say to that sin a simple SMUD,
its caught in mouth.

The F.B.I. stands for The Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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