Tuesday, July 26, 2016

These Owl^La^G^eh^Shins Are Faults And That Is An Earthquake State Saying To the Dem.Mow.Crat.Tick Con.Ven.Shin That You're Foal.Old To The Tee'd!!

I wonder how you would spell these letters in another language to shade eh bee 'See' to An Alpha^bet^Dick Composition of only one book with Chap.Tour in A Sing^Gull stay as characters phonetically Maid the We're^Kin IT_Out like B.D.S.M. in the Sit.Deed a Sit.A.Dell??

eh E! Aye Owe Ewe

'I did not have sex.shoe.awl relations with that woman, Miss is Lewinsky.' said the D.C.,
a car.Tone in the voice off the cutters in the Grant IT,
Dell.eh.Gay.shins at the Bravado of Operation Paper Clip.

the Impossible is the Possible weighting to Hap.Pen?? said the quo.duh on the P.^Olm,
that Um.Mi on thee Whoop.Pea Cush.Shun??,
what say the Choice of Oprah on that Tread of the Tar.Mac as the Vibrance of Awe.dee.Hints,
that day of the plunder,
down.Tin Ab.bee!!!

Watts on the Neigh.Om.Mi in that L.A. or Loss Angeles??!!,
wares in the Pi to addition of the Media on the Floor of the Flag Shipping outside Side ways to Steep,
it is the Ked.dull of just the reality that eh of Pat.it.&.ewe.Prick.IT.And.Mark.It.With.AB,
the blood Rare.IT.Tee to leaves on the Trunk,
that is a British Classic!!

The Boot is the Hood to a lug.edge of the Cliff Notes to the Bohemian Grove??,
why is the Y in the X of the Zee??,
what is that grove in the For.Rest of the bath.Room should the Sign.Idge be of such clam.Burr,
as the burr.Knee or that set.told.

Wise is the ole Mare.reed Mac to converse of Nigh.Key,
reading that Or.gone to the plausable deny.A.Bill.IT.tea,
should the Hollywood bough to the tremble of Treble Ceft or Muse.Sick to the Barf of V.A.Meant.Lee,
each aspect is that raiser to the under the saddle Pad,
a right to that Stow on the Cause of Stint to the Hart of Shield on that Lot,
for that is the Link.Keen of The Pull.S.Sing Vein to dislocate the Strain to a Train.In Stay.Shin,

than that is the core.pus.chris.tee to whats a boy.ole.

dice to Geese to swan Lathe on the Religion of a Read.Would,
truss the sheen.gull and Dock.Tore Awes Maid.it to that View of The Edge of Too.Mar.Row,
is that the Post is nigh knew you're.ick.

These^cyst to a Sick.EST Valve touching each verse to that Purr.is Strap of the Whip.Pen.Boy,
than the Cast.Trow would be of Measure to such candor that the Polk.E!.Mon. dae will Walrus.

Whales on the Beach.is in that breach,

The California girdle to a Shall.lo Whisk,
this is the Box,
a Whiz.Sole to say that I had a Hip dream last eve.kneeing and it just happened to be the right one to state of 1976,
in and with the last E!.lec.Shin of Sioux.Per.Man the Root 66 drove a signal to The Blues,

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