Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Circuit To A Sears Of Captain Cane.GA.Roo Made The SFOriginals beans In Comparison To That Ewe.Yen Square As Coffee At Joe's Original Is In Real.Eyes The Wares Of Stow Lake!!!

Tea for to the Shawl of the Tender scene of what was a Sitmar Cruise Line,
that was the Shopping of My Mother and that Memory Door,
this is the enormous cache to coin of a penny on a Century,
the bank on the far.go went to the sheen of ewe.turned.

To be of the Midnight Buffet is that Banana on the Flambae,
in English the Classroom would gag a barn??,
no it would be that dye Jest shun that the My Grandmother never existed,
My Grandfather had the ride on the Elk!!

Mountain to that Three Men in a Tub,
it gave riser to the sunshine on the down.knee of grasp,
should that be the decomposed or should the G.G.B. say Pier 39 and a Flag that broke.kin to Speak a dial,
is the Numbers of the Copper on that is the stuck in a Vontrap,
the Family that has been dock.it.I.D. as what cause,
why is the face.sing at Tal-y-Tara education for the Muni as the Horse at PetsMart,
must have been the shelf of dough Neigh shins for the cost of Human life at a Hugh.Man be Inn!!!

The Account on Bring is the Rinse of the Broad cast sting,
that was the flip Pent to lice the call.lick on the founder of a sprout,
station wagons as the Arizona how many more miles,
is it Canada on that Tent of K.O.A. or the Smoke Kin Drum.

Never on that state of an Old saying between Ed and I,
it is the stay.bill.eh.Tee of the filament of the San Francisco gear.a.deli,
from that Too leaves,
forever And A day makes Block eh found in the gasp of denial!!!

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