Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Note To Whom Would Understand The Value Of More Than Flavor In A Coals Fire Its The Same???

The World is 'Working It Out' buy the Artist of their personal stout,
how Nice for the French as the Kiss.Sing goes to Cork??

The hour of the Eleventh past to directly to after Noon,
it is not not the big bend,
the traveling is journal to walk out a base is for 'X' it the 'V' in the Movie 'The Phantom of the Opera'.

Sing till the Vocals are in Matchstick,
a coupe will know the immediate,
I enjoyed the conversation,
thank you for smiling and being so able to think and not just grab the bisque of what looks like & Is,
therefore its the process of an isle of the land is the floor of which common vocabulary is found,
sounds like proved to be an experience that surely made the mirage what the desert knew as Sand.

For the love of dg and the grace of Desta it truly was ole time acceptance
it is those simple and complex communications that made today better for I,
the difference between butter & Imperial,
duh to duh.duh.duh??,
most everybody has context to the gossip and treats I with as the trick`t,
such has always been my life in a nut shell and thereby your few minutes gave I the piece I rely upon:

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