Wednesday, August 3, 2016

To Honor An Incredible Picture In The Hall That Brought A Piece To Puzzle Know Photograph As The Reality Is To Know The Truths!!!

Fires playing an opera crossing on the venue of California speech,
that lyrics to touch the grass at the clover of the slap,
creek to that wading lakes on is the forest in spurs,
each tree in the breeze,
than the wind gently says storm!!

Down from the grace of the Sky,
such handles of flames gather to spark up a rein,
swaying on this is the dry leaves to gather friends to speak,
asking nothing the burn runs to know the universe on tracks,
the stars say hello,
that state of night until,
ever are the laughs as the suns reach is tongue,
lapping with majesty this is nature.

Now on that virtue is Man,
the kind that beats the spirit of magnitude with hymn on its slip,
oh how river stones hinge,
a babbling vestment!!

From this skit is the toll to the bridge so different that the learn as the teachers mile,
round that is the Fountain of the understanding languages on the scene,
a movie is a role of The Watch,

Should the Firemen Employ the Idea of November 5th on the Keys,
than should the Weathermen on local T.V. in San Francisco know the theme,
as that is to the Mankind of Humanity no explanation will I guide your prejudice to baste.

Traffic on the bridges to the Computer of that Jetstream,
the dew is fog and that Hot Air is balloon for the Threshold of the ground grooming the brush,
it pushes to talk to that angle of only a Weatherman gears on the Tooth,
than in from the bare.role off cast.a.neigh.duh as Sal at Playland leaps and says??,
'I have an Idea of this Root' it is the Mirror and the Reflection is the Picture of Truth??

Do not frost the fires with anything other than what is natural to the desire of the speech,
as the flames breath to live and spread to grow it is in this simplicity that persons will shade,
a valence to the eyes on the blinking magic,
a spout of a word to say the discovery channel favorite,
'what if'
oh for the fella that makes biscuits for breakfast and pancakes for soup,
that gravy on the Prime Rib is the real.eyes,
shoulders and not the suffocation of life itself,
it is the cover of the warmth as its hovering switch to sweat,
this is for you to imagine as the magical classic is only I with a bean,
now the beauty of wonder is the bread that rises from said!!

The built at already is the google with a fan on Mark,
to engage more with how the floor rides a simple piece of paper in the swept of the environment,
linens and candles with the broad Outdoors as the Indoor Sills,
to be of the counter is to know the depth!!!

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