Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Be sure to breathe or barf or 'Cry' as it is so romantic it nearly makes a sty a bit into a Tour of what is a Cinema but a poster!!!!

I was thinking about that movie with Keanu Reeves and the 'Mighty Ronin' in aspect subject,
as that great samurai??,
wow Tom Cruise must be masque??,
who is the Hooter now on the chimp chim a roo.

As that system of honor??,
what a kangaroo simple for Wall Street in the 1920's crash,
the price fixed falls,
oh how sad for the easy out of the building in San Fran,
the Transamerican Pyramid,
owe how cool width the window pain,
as they spin all the way around for easy Cleaners!@run what??.

These I won't face fragile's,
that is the method of a message on the oldest what,
a way a path or a message of oh rats??

Well in that bridge petrol of all you Bankers,
it is much easier to run away and bisque your soup to the big water bays,
so do it and know that cow Wards are common Fair for the thermal barrows of ick and James Blunts.

The Australia on the prison Island,
that beacon of light house??,
what a bridle to a bit on the saddle of whats a street??,
oh yea that is the big forwards that cannot not be Chicken Soup book burrs,
'cause everybody knows that in the Ancient Chinese proverb that it is 1000 lives,
oh weight thats an out.

More to the Account??,
did you make Sure,
or is Dial more your Brand for the Heilmann of 'With Due Respect'??,
oop's is that just MSNBC making keen or stew with what is on google plus??,
lets sea??,
down with the feather up with the Come??,
just Jag off with Mickey and dizz.knee this crocodile on hip.Poe and versus.

I heard on the grapevine,
actually Scientology Church had a lease in the Transamerica Pyramid is the tallest skyscraper in the San Francisco skyline and conveniently the ballast of,
well in that deep spelling is the 27th Floor,
oh wow now everybody go to the next hookie book key Movie,
whats a big bell,
the rig or that rigging??,
actually you can go take a virtual tour at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transamerica_Pyramid to Sea!!

How Incredible or is it 'the Incredibles' on the big.guest shower of dynamite and light??,
oh for the purr,
that quote from the '47 Ronin' I will do you one better and trailer the entire Trailer,
the original trailer won't hitch to the vid.clip so here's the link as a real bourne??

oh yea be sure to yelp your review with a big ole tear drop for the paints of your silly strings to such..
be glad and in that be confident to say that's so cool??,
give me a brake and know I am BURNING THAT RUBBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who really cares,
they bunks tell you long before the clover at the grave born of whats' a bell,
the Cable Car and the Men on the Gear,
oh must be Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible and all that 'Oh what an Action hear OWE!!'
oop's the sorry won't ring as I am so tired of the exhaust,
oh wait that is global warming.

My goodness my gracious or is it good night??,
what wringer sweats your big jump on the big beam of what,
the Samurai and the big Honor,
or the fact that should you just say to yourself you are to much of back barn that your ride is a swim.