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________________________________after some thought none of this is really my business however I will keep it in case a person has a problem and anybody needs to read it or may think I am trying to hide something.  I am just make this note to remind myself to not write about things that may be used to say that I am being rude or judgmental and in reality I am just making my own observation.  But I need to remind myself again that although not one person has said anything the reads on each blog is a bit high and for some strange reason the profile views on my google plus are outrageously high.
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With all the National Media and their constant on subject of violence and horrific shootings in the streets of the United States why is the International Spy Shop ( https://www.internationalspyshop.com/ ) or why is this 'type of store' not been asked to close, move, shutdown, or why has not one person done a story on this type of 'tourist attraction' ??  The pictures alone are a terrible pass to the psyche?? The horror should shamble your dance to a full bore freeze.  As yesterday in the City, I did the tourist thing and in-doing the 'Tourist Thing' I went to see  a tourist attraction that actually to point and to be more to the point will include the bit-word as history in example?? The Balclutha !!!!

The Balclutha is a three-masted, steel-hulled, square-rigged ship built to carry a variety of cargo all over the world and the National Park Service opened a pier down on the wharf to include that set of incredible boats as well, as the Balclutha listed https://www.nps.gov/safr/learn/historyculture/balclutha.htm is at their harbor museum.

Being that Vessel specific was included in the 'free of charge' wonderful offer to experience and as the National Park Service offered four days this past week for all of us to be able to go see our local sights I had made the decision to go after seeing the advertised on the local News and decided to take them up on their generosity.

The Balclutha Launched in 1886 by the Charles Connell and Company shipyard near Glasgow, Scotland, the ship carried goods around Cape Horn (tip of South America) 17 times.  It took a crew of about 26 men to handle the ship at sea with her complex rigging and 25 sails.

This incredible Vessel moored down on the wharf and has been in the Bay Area for all to view both coming and going, by plane, boat, ship, cars and a friend of mind used to Crew as a volunteer when I was a kid so indeed it was a huge part of my life always.  As he had told me many a story and absolutely loved doing education, in fact he used to take kids to the ...well that's a segway and I should stick to this story and not go off on my mothers work with Student League of San Francisco, back to my story.  He loved to work the lines and I thought to finally go.  The moment was meant to be a memory magical,  as this friend also, sadly and ultimately ended up by I guess some weird traditional thing taking a giant leap of faith, the only draw-back was it happened to be the gasping, suffocating reality to I as he took his life by jumping off the bridge which is why I never went to go see the Balclutha. For it was a painful and really difficult horror and at the same time this amazing man that had an amazing life, and, as in one such accomplishment,  he went to night school (the years to be understood as he did so many things on a daily basis) and graduated from Hastings School of Law http://www.uchastings.edu/  becoming a lawyer, degree specific.  As I remember this was really a big commitment, causing tons of stress to him, but he stuck with it and when he passed the Bar the world was his oyster and that degree was truly not a pearl, it was however a moment I will never forget.

You must truly see the pride of a Man  enjoy the wonder of that incredible moment of Men and change your life NOW.  To be witness to such demand, I tremble at the sight of a memory so close to my real.  Anyhow obviously this joyful moment of many, many things had to be, and, life is life so I did not want to spoil it by just having to have to deal with it.  I wanted to somehow embrace the entire love, the wonder of such an enduring spirit that taught many more than just I, and, also deal with the reality that his ultimate decision devastated everything that he had taught me since I was really young.

As I didn't want to deal with it, but had to also endure the truth and I knew that he was an adult and I was only four years old when he met my mother and I in an extremely odd circumstance as the two of us had been kidnapped and he was the one that picked us up at the airport back East.  Truly times that multiply in dynamic conversation, BUT since nobody speaks anymore AND as I am sticking to my story I shall 'simple say' he made his bridge decision. It has been a bit different than what I have been able to thoroughly understand AND it has taken me years, and years and years and even more years to choose to go and physically see the Balclutha as I knew that not by view, not by see and by actually walking those decks I would indeed finally know that I was walking the last steps that he ever took on this earth.  This was a difficult hold to not waiver in such a life that had taken so much time to educate me in and about life and the aspects thereof.

 I don't want to counter your mind with my story, however that presents the HORROR of the Spy Shop all that much worse as THAT STORE is just blaring this horrid picture in its window and it was rather shocking to my day of such a hold that I nearly fell down, especially in lieu of all the News Casting all over the ENTIRE WORLD that our Country is, well I would quote somebody recently that said such disgusting barf that I will just say that that person said we all deserve it.  That makes doing anything with a settled approach not difficult but makes the entire process of being out on the town more to the effect of  "eyes up" and pay attention. In such, as I have been taught to be aware and the picture from the International Spy Shop is one thing but up close and personal?? or how 'bout your just cruising around in your own minds thought of personal history, well that was off the board.

Now you read all about how exciting it is and then ask the media what it is doing with reporting the constant dial of gun violence saying that nobody understands it.  This is quite self-explanatory, it even has a Yelp page.  https://www.google.com/search?q=Fisherman%27s+Wharf+San+Francisco+California+Spy+Shop+for+tourists&oq=Fisherman%27s+Wharf+San+Francisco+California+Spy+Shop+for+tourists&aqs=chrome..69i57.32815j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

_________________________________________took both of these posts down off google plus

I was down at the Wharf and all the ole time Crab Stands are just gone and this picture is the only one I can find that even says Alioto's on a building time and date to appropriate. As Joey had the Crab Stand outside Castagnola's and it is not only just gone it has a bunch of junk where the Best Stand in the entire city was, because it was (don't laugh) just like sitting at Danny's in the Marina!! Of course Joey had been given the old bar stools and that was a treasure that he and I always sort of laughed quietly about. What happened to all the Crab Stands as its weird on the wharf now as it is like an unhappy disneyland spot as even the tourists were stranger than usual. And, you should check out the totally freaky store a block up and in the middle across from the hotel. Its some gun place that says Spy something and it is a place you shoot people in some kind of visual video sort of thing. I will tell you those fucking guns looked real and they have a metal detector when you walk in. I went in 'cause I couldn't believe the window dressings as they were paper Men targets all shot out and I thought is this some kind of new 'Believe it or Not' sort of place. So when I went in and to the front counter I had the worst feeling but I stayed so that I could ask what the fuck it was. This gal comes up and says it is a shootem up place, 'Cowboys and Indians' and some other weird shit that I didn't quite understand. I asked who comes here and she said mostly all tourists. Why would tourists come all the way from Europe to shoot people up at Fishermans Wharf in San Francisco and she said it was very popular. All I know is that the public is constantly bitching about gun violence and that tourist joint had more guns than I have ever seen in a fucking gun shop, not that I have ever been in a gun shop but on T.V. it didn't look that stocked. As I listened about that whole orange tip thing on the end of those fuckers to know what the hell that story was all about I noticed something, YOU ARE ALL INSANE because that little orange microscopic plastic piece of whatever was not easily identifiable. So to you all in the United States, your local wharf might be the place to visit should you not have been there in a while and your shock to your wharf might deliver your tune to blaming the police for all the violence a brand new reality, called tourists.

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