Saturday, August 27, 2016

Interstate 80 or The Golden Gate Bridge this is For All Those In The Outer Skirts To Know Its SAT^Tour^Day And The Enter Net Is Not Hose Its Exhaust?? Ouch, Must Be Those Sand Bars That Bumped Up On This Mornings Roster Or The Hens On How Are Ewe cause to a clock rang that number of what makes breakfast a new curd. But talks go too, for as what is IM^Tee is also The Bee?? The Times?? The New York Post??......

In the Field there are Workers that do the work to all the acres that produce,
as the City is Wares??,
oh yea the local news is reporting on the Semi on the Highway of special roots,
for the Suburbs are the fillers of freeways into and out of both San Francisco and Oakland!!

The write of way is for all those ranchers that have dress syn,
add the math to the busy phones of numbers sew those digits to the wrights,
from that to the shipping lanes you sub. burr be EANs have price Fixture to the lanes!!

For your Information,
Truck Drivers have families that no media ever reports to worry my learn of taught to more rose rules??,
should the Families of dead Truckers design the Commuters or the fathom of the Emploment of the Idea of the Internet as a Webber's diction or b.b.q.??
for the frost of burning dry ice the FACT was that THE WEB was meant to make the work load lighter??,
oh yea it just made suburbia more money to buy bigger cars bigger monitors and kill all affordable housing or goods??

the following.....


Commercial vessel traffic through the baring straight is increasing. 
This region has hi cultural significance??  
Which commercial shipping poses risks?? 
For this environment, 
these risks include ship strikes of whales,
noise disturbance?? 
chronic pollution?? 
oil spills?? 
large or amount of vehicles leading to Traffic jams or collisions?? 
through displacement of maps to conveniently priced housing in the outer, way outer charts to come to the Cities and steal our jobs while taking our bottom lines back to the Suburbs to increase the pockets of whom complaints The Goods coming in to stock our shelves while you are loading your wallets with money that pays for your goodtimes?? 
or impacts to food security from contaminants?? 
loss of cultural heritage as being a Native??
sights and other important places are disturbed by log jams or the increase in people spending time on the roads that make an increased time to get from A to B or is it more trip advisory to say from Street to Street; i.e. across town. 
Several measures are available to govern shipping through theses Congested tunnels that ensure that our food prices are as conveniently priced to make what Suburbanites pay as price comparable?? 
Areas to Be Avoided (ATBAs), speed restrictions, communications measures, reporting systems, emissions controls, oil spill prevention and preparedness and salvage, rescue tug capability, voyage and contingency planning, and improved charting. These measures can be implemented in various ways, unilaterally by first the comprehension of all the Highway Patrol Departments and the cost to pay to stress to say that in hem that is what for the free path of suburbanites to squab as pigeon mail??
the U.S. bilaterally, or the United States of America saying that they must have Cities but while enjoying the limb cutting off the branch to hang the people??
Regulatory measures can be established as voluntary measures?? 
No single measure will address all risks, but the framework presented herein may serve as a means of identifying what needs to be done and evaluating whether the goal of safe shipping has been achieved FOR THE TRUCKERS themselves.  As I am personally of great appreciation to those particular Men and their families as the long Haulers of more than I am able to communicate to the this action write now?? No.  As the Workers in the Fields also have is.shoe; like diamond mines in Africa?? Or, exactly like in being exact to product and different in Name?? or is it the color of the skin this time in the Ages of binned??
One, Two or Three??

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