Saturday, August 27, 2016

The last Petsmart I worked at before my on the job injury that ported my employment was Store 0053,
the fact of is my back to whom is on an ear to the Feat!!!

Yesterday 8/27/2016,
 the following information on KGO Radio 810 reported,
a cop dies in the line of duty every Fifty-three Hours.

Should this bring to any person the State of Media gauze,
what is on NBC, ABC, CBS National Anchors is exit specifics,
why has the Bagpipes of The Watch not heard nor Noted to ever??,
statistics are statistics.

Is truly only what is Cause tick to the pulse of sell the deals??,
the only measure of this Countries address??,
in that shore of Wall Street to Political Trees in reel to clip apron edit??,
vocal of Anchors on the News that produce prescribe??,

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