Friday, September 2, 2016

Awe For Those Sportscasters And Larry Beil, Be Sure To Remember Pat McCormick!!!! Oh yea, I love these new and more personal introductions to you actually do relax occasionally, its like wow you are real people that are showing the love!!!

City of Oakland, California,
the Toll Plaza is a good opportunity to know that the fees paid for the price to upkeep the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Bridge has been an amount of dollars needed to pay for all the costs of keeping that bridge up.  Charge every commuter, every traveler that insists on using your City as a thoroughfare.  The toll roads, Dave Clark on Channel 2 News is able to figure this now as he is the best understanding to I.

The East Coast is now on notice for the all Public Works Departments to inform the California Highway Patrol to the avenue of respect at the roads on the basis of those weird things you drive through and throw change in.  I do not know what they were called but my older sister did this when I visited New York back in the days of having to have 'change' in your pocket.  As California is now using Fastrak this will be a today ability on the ease of our High Tech sister city San Jose is the hub of the Worldwide Web.

To the Oaklanders,
The University of Berkeley California is a Public School.  Tuition is free.  This is the information that is necessary to be advised of as being of correct challenge and not to envy or to pound a nail up instead of constructing a communication the students of that U.C. should today gather their books and contact Public Works.  Cleaning up garbage is a city understood job from I as in the city of my birth they are called 'garbage men'.  To be aware that in the action of cleaning up garbage it will not force a divide but know division of price per pound of all the freight that also does not pay tolls for storage or are the stores (retail) charged for the weight of all the containers.  This is a very important message to the shipping lanes as roads to ocean to a particular Tug Boat driver with a Tub Boat named Sarah. That guy has a father owning said Tug Boat Company moored at the Oakland Port.  This is an all points Bulletin that will cause the City of Oakland to stop the whim and know the possible path to a better today.

Thank you Dave Clark and Pam Cook as this great and revolutionary day.  Sal, the traffic jam is easily solved as a phone call to all Companies in San Francisco can and are able to go 7 days a week 24 hours a day as 'Trading' all over the World is now on the Web.  Please be informed that this is the drive on the not an idea as the qualifications fall to the lack of arrest of that man that had our flag hanging over a banister and flipped it about with such disrespect (this is already played as 'breaking news' please refer to that video feed for confirmation), in addition, an officer was lunged-at as Brock Turner was released.  This to is a confirmation of a man breaking the Police line and that officer (please look at the feed as Brock Turned was getting into the car you will see a man lunge at that officer) was put in harms way.  The fact is the Media was all-over it all yet not one person said that that Officer was pushed by that man ( a News Person??) that I can barely see, however you ran that feed enough times that it clearly shows that Officer having to do his job well.  Would the local Police Department please look at the fact that that cellphone was in that officers face and this is all getting really weird and it is looking very dangerous for the Officers that are doing their jobs.  For are not these news feeds run all over the World??  I will leave it at this because this is over my understanding of what is public behavior on enticing the Worldwide Web before it goes viral.

This is a signature piece and I turn freely to congratulate an incredible girl on the channel 2 News Team and to place responsibility on no person for nature is incredible and to witness such grace is in actual this fantastic day to say that Roberta Gonzales is so loved as her strength is my compass to know that Rebecca, Kathleen and Lauren will say that Johno is so lucky to have been so funny that with the wonders I am able to confirm the San Francisco/Oakland News Teams are the future.

Post script: 9:28 AM on my acer on September 2nd, 2016 to speak on Channel 2 Oakland News desk spread of growth to California,

In Alaska 'Natives' receive a stipend from the State for the drilling of Oil, please advise how the Worldwide Web on Internet Connections have not not 'streamed' to our residences to not exactly the transfer of Ocean Shipping Lanes right of way rules to Highway Patrol (that is again to bump the CHP as I am in a quandary for the funding should Fastrak be of our California 'easement' to the 'fracking' to the 'Bell System' making the Internet radar or remote??) to each 'App./Application' that is where I can leave to the Officers as I only know to do that from how I was trained and taught via my city upbringing and knowing it was in a difficult era of San Francisco vs. the World it seemed: Circa 1960's.