Friday, September 2, 2016

Highlights!! A Great Stunner For Awl National Geographic for KIDs that love to have pencil, paper and a game!!!

Ignore the bottom of what it says 'cause the most fun with one of these ole slates is to know the chalk??  Or, to say finding wall dough??  Inside this one picture what do you believe exists??  Is it solid or is it a story telling book of what is a Wonder of the pictures all telling styles that ended on a final slate??

What is a chalk board??
What would happen should a dry-erase board dried the write? Now imagine what your classroom looks like and then wonder about all your friends drawing that are around you at their desks.  Did you know that there was a kid that sat in your chair and imagined too??

This is for you Teachers to have more school math assignments, no cheating!!  Have your parents aid or assist you with how to function a real gem so that kids that are fostered will know that we love them and we don't know how to be kind in asking how Foster Children would like us to refer to whom has been kind enough to put a roof over their head while their parents are otherwise occupied.  And to those parents that are otherwise occupied,  hold strong and just believe, believe in yourself, its important to know that you are never, ever forgotten in any time.  Memory Master!!!

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