Saturday, September 17, 2016

Be Sure And Dial The Numbers For Their Mass Posture Is To Stick Style To Skate Smooth Concept As Each Step Is Heard And Accepted, The Feather Of An Ox At The Beauty Of A Calm, For In This Moment Of Reality Even The Cattle Beef Silent!!!!

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The E.U. and a bloody war for the betterment of perception,
in the years of history recording the 1945 entry,
an applied difficult treasury??,
or is American diplomacy the ignorance of Australian prisoners of war??,
shall the thermal underwear character to speak while the Bloomberg Surveillance so eloquently bleeds??

While a Keen grapple grapes the Wine to cheese the Finders see^old,
a grind to cough^fee ankle bound,
the U.S.A. in lettering.

Counter to that whom is Host and Answer to that Hooters??,
big bloopers on that show Bloomberg Surveillance aptly played,
the citizen style to empty war with no bloody war for say 'ole boy',
up character of beat to harness cent as act to shin is presence Bens!!

Clock Tower babble that bible Fling,
now grain the oat a sway,
the breeze of Europeans coward to the fact that Days had more than bloody filth!!

A good old fashion to Address the meal of The worm,
drink that harsh Tequila Sun,
its horizon for the am^uh^sawn??,
oop's owe flip^pen punt to style Castles sand and Cheers to shoe,
that hoarse.syn for those hours queer at that East measure fork and Beer.

Fish and pea to whats a Pole,
the flag or pulling for the gave,
what is an inkwell quill to writ for I had value instant lipped.

No silly bloody barter boot like Movies playing Independence sooth,
that Morse code touch finally??,
don't bother as the rich do cow,
milk Keen grace to feather Wow,
make that tangle Combs of Awl as that binder fed to Crib a stitch to stead the bold and could??

Stripes and stirrups,
suits and bond,
fetch to prison Australian Style,
laugh with hoe^gun make a fool,
than to task be bell in soot,
eh Hun^dread & Won Doll^may^shins says whats E!^Rect did as its Bed??

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