Sunday, September 18, 2016

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Check-it out, this is great for the stats on MY GOOGLE BLOG or My google+ profile for  'The Secret of the Universe is Choice'??  The answer is beginning to attempt to understand Zero dot prompt and that Hugh Meakin writing Gordon MacKenzie the letter of how the warehouse itemized its auto parts for the automotive dealers?? No, it was the time between that explains the shop verses the garage!!!

I love google plus so much as this page is kept separate from my Karen A. Placek google plus profile.  I never really pay to much attention to the statistics on any of my recorded numbers or the views on any of my google blogs as nobody seems to notice that I have written anything at all.  However today it is cool as I have put the google+ my business page to show how it is only my business and not any other person, today the 18th of September, 2016 I will share with whom would like to know how the posture on only my google blog The Secret of the Universe is Choice; know decision is doing on the Worldwide Web. 

Note nothing trending other than the respect that I hold for google and all of the employees that ensure this wonderful palace of a internet to speak naturally on daily accounts of the world at-large, and without edit or thermal chills that most countries experience when the general public speaks up on what is going-on around them in their own environment.

Remember this is my business which is to be known as none of your business.  Be why, ask 1970 what age the lingo gave to oop^see^daisy and know that every saying has it's place!!

Have a wonderful day and be careful with all your new choices to iphones that pronounce nothing and state everything in the text of the so??  No, it is concerning that a million cellphones blew-up while being charged and everybody ran out to buy another version.  Life is lesson, what is in your virus with the use vernacular 'contagion', lol.

Now for Rebecca, Kathleen, Johno and Lauren to know, I am sharing the google+ stats for what blog, which profile and what is the name of  that product revolution should the profile confess the aptitude of not my name but the fact that The Secret of the Universe is Choice says now 51,307 Views and it was over a million the last time I showed it to the public at-large including yourselves?? 

I'll give you one hint.

k = 1000??
K= 1 Million??

What does 'k' mean anyway??  Is it an acronym?? Is it the identification of a link or the number to say that 3k is known to be understood as three-thousand dollars, now add.

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The Secret of the Universe is Choice
Some of us did not get a Choice but we fight to make one!

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