Saturday, September 10, 2016

Love to all that come and travel the Barbary Coast: Address California!!

Europeans and the like are in the wonderful calendar of our drought that provides are incredible eyes with the thirst of how the colors change. As since I can remember I have been told how ugly California is as I being implicitly told our trees show no seasons. I beg to differ with the entire World.

Our seasons are as graceful as the people whom know the blush of gold sway on the breeze of a mountains play with the gold in fountain of a creeks lens. Please get your eyes checked as our sunsets are the comfort of many colors that represent the balance of more than rainbows pot as the end. The beauty of beaches shore to the Sierra Trails each represents the smile on for the drive of these National Parks, cities and towns. Be sure to love the Spanish Nile as I have been told that we sister the country and method the streams from the Rockies to the core the seasons and the dreams as my father-in-law spoke of California as a Spanish Norse'd by the ocean of bay to touch lagoons with crews and looms, the weave of fiber to stitch of thought he placed sing to verse is the lyrics of work.

As September has state in so many a thread may this year be the mind to hug all in being on journey or Tailor, song or spring, its the love of Nature as the Pacific does beam.

The strides behold I to thank Governor Jerry Brown as his guidance and provisions towards excellence may not be conversation as the fact is the fact, he doesn't promise promises to promise a promised promising, no, he manages the Great State of California with the kindness and command of a man that mighty's me thought to only one song. May the writer be blessedly rung!!

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