Saturday, September 10, 2016

To His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama c/o Mexico proper as the return is the pyramid of The sun!!!!!

Mother Theresa thank you for yourself expression to My Know,
for the fact of Mexico is that Jesus has in America a Named,
zeus for the pronunciation vests the power in I to say that the pictures states clothe,
the day is not night for in evident is the reality that the world denied,
for this I am not apologetic.

As my pleasure to say that the Catholic in all else is just beers,
once the daze travels the bells in Mexico to precedent,
be glad??,
be angry that the world bows to the posture of a popular clark at the price of Dave!!!!!!!!

Sunset to Dawn the ole to the a new,
bank this verse and sing The Blues,
it is dg to I for the ground is granite and The Wares are truth,
compass no faith as fact is facing the miss,
be friend to a husband as the dalai lama is a mend!!

What if the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa were Twin Flames,
what if the Crosses in Mexico represented the clothed Jesus Christ yet was showing the naked truth,
what if over the 2000 Years of people not being able to read but pictured,
what if right now people don't know how to understand Aleppo yet know of Sears??

What if this is the Worldwide Web at Facebook,
mark at being frank,
cables at the simple sample of how the world did not spin but lied,
what if Mary Magdalene was Mother Teresa and Jesus Christ was the Dalai Lama,
what if that picture spoke volumes not snickers,
what if it is just people not able to spell eh bee see??

That would be an evolution of the revolutionary Teach of Latin at English,
the King James Version of Monarchy or the presents of the excused Catholic Church from England??

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