Thursday, September 15, 2016

This Morning Outside Was The Best Expression Of How Much Nature Speaks, As I Witnessed The Big Squabble And Said.....

This morning was so funny as the Crows argue the Owl,
in that massive screech??,
no the blue jays attempted an intervention but traveled the chaotic scene too,
so I finally went outside and said 'order in the court' to be stunning,
the entire crew went silent and thought why is that Owl on the stoop.

I laughed and than the Crows said squawk??,
no they began to swoop,
around in the trees I watched as they tried to spook that Owl off the troop??,
the Crows were mad and pulling a seen from The Birds,
flying about and straight at my stand where I said what is that angry Raven stating,
I giggled and that bird just flew to a sit and silents began as the blue jays just Band!!

Anyone this a.m. really missed the fun,
as that Owl was so calm the ocean should have wrung,
the telephone of Sun just a rising Moon,
as the country of travels how migration must boom!!

To those that have language barriers of reefs,
its the granite of saltwater that shows lost civilizations too.

From Ra to the Apollo of that Ancient be Land,
egypt to Greek or the Viking by hand,
Odin and Zeus to say that shipping Inks 'Pan'??,
as what is the flute of the breeze on the grand canyon of the Snake River in explanation off-span??.

It is the pleasure of peace to the stance of a man,
kind is the animals that have made my life so much better,
as the possum or raccoon or that skunk on a tune,
Scout at the meek to a time in the creek.

Mouse is a cat and Cheshire does Feat,
Lobos just is enjoying Rambo at meet??,
its Rambo on the funnier as this is his property of resident seek,
to enjoy such as wonder is to say but a Teak.

People have fashion and that Turkey has road,
for on yesterday the drive of the political pull??,
for the first time I saw a car stop and not push,
for the Turkey on the road was just full of such grace,
that as he moved to the timing of traffic,
I said 'what are doing' and I thought that is sure to be a true compass on a fact,
that all must sing to the lyrics of the bring,
for even gobble gobble is the thanks giving of spring!!

So for all of my nieghbors the judges and the fears,
I watched as not a passenger but I did what is natural when comparison is biers,
like a dog fight at the park, would you stand at the cart,
or would you get a bucket of water and throw it on the lawn,
the difference is that I love all the tack,
and me talking to the wild animals is looked at as tracked,
yet is not a dog wild as the cat is just a snob,
is not the worm a thing you eat at the drink of Tequilla rein,
is the rat that is a pet fine to the parrot that repeats,
so should the awl bother your day just say to I these simple words,
tell to me it bugs you and I will shut-up.

because I feel that all my life people watch my way to stride,
I feel judged and I don't like that people always lie,
its annoying and that is my truth for the best of saying choice,
so as I stop these writing words what is the day at voice??

Nobody talks to any person and that is like a drag,
of every vocal enunciation that bothered to learn to speak a turn,
the trip to just the store is filled with no smiling door,
just nasty people screaming at the fact your in the way,
the stop signs that I know to complete a three-second count,
I am either honked at or bumped by dirts account.
so again should my natural self bother any other,
please take the time to comment on this post of posture line,
tell me simply with words of what you choose,
'cause should the bell be ringing the answer is knowing that being told to be blonde is best on each a clued.

So as the Crows and Owl are sweet fantastic finds,
that Owl did by example and that is more to sound,
as each night of when the sun goes to the other side of shine,
the must just thank the stars and claim its more do signs???

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