Thursday, September 15, 2016

What Is 'A Complex' In This Write To 'Left A Clue' Just To Say Safely That It Is Not Just Black & White For Red All Over It Is The Newspaper Type, It Is Forever & A Day, It Is Eye^Row^Bought?? Or, Is It A Quest^Chin, The Say, The Seen, That Sears, The Maul, The Post, The Whip, The Dogma, The Shipping News, Or, Is There A Color Chart To Fit Olive Skin And A Wright To Slow Down This Writ To Not Just Take A Crews On The Sonny Side Of Life

In our world history there were these Men namely a fill-up that represented such gasoline,
the branch of government in the entire world only ever comments on Hitler,
yet what of Mussolini, Trotsky, Tito, Frued, Stalin, Jung, Kafka not to mention The Romanov's,
now its the Technology of this picture to state the three laws of what be leaf:

I have a Study,
you have a Library,
we met at the word of dictionary be set??

The term Napoleon 'complex' came from this once,
theory makes turns to dial a boxing day,
than christmas is x-mas on Mass of which is the brae??

Why is how the terms of agree meant to entice as the island and stool??,
barside chats,
National Parks,
what is the Redwood that shows us these as fads??

A ring in a Tree to the Ice of the sleeved,
science of psychiatry to the Dr. of a PhD??,
Degree of graduation verses the psychology to state of mind as the thought philosophy to say play^tow??

Than on the calendar of now,
September 15th in the year of Two-thousand Sixteen,
what the time is, is no-longer call 'popcorn' on the bell system,
why's AT&T??

Should the white of a bulb be the black Shade of a shown,
than is the up Side down Feather of writing a Rose to say that the thorn is App.^Pull by stashed.
the quick an the Tweet to instant Mess^age with text buy that screen,
media to thermal the chills of the Beam that burns with a the razor as the Soap is dry E!^race^Sure,
or erasure??

Steam off the kettle is known as a Spa,
the Mediterranean and the Oil of Olive as Popeye the spinach Man,
pump the cartoon to Scooby a clued,
what is Sesame Street the grasp of the Fanned??

House of common grown is to understand the said,
words on the lips that speak Talk or is it now the Conversation of sew,
threads dial Ivory to Washing Machine??,
or is it D.C. to say that Canada's green??.

Wares of the Congressional Meeting to thirst,
has any One person listened to the avenue Church,
the language so antiquated that the bible must choke,
art in the voice and lyrics be soaked,
as just yesterday on the ear to the corn??,
or is this just tell a vision to move ease be ..........

does the World believe that all lost Wars in the Past,
are readily accepted or that people get mad,
that the U.S.A. is going to each country at need,
or is the fact that nobody lead to the beach of a swim??.

The American Indian will always be that,
for america is the land and the first people be stout,
there in the fraction is add bison be ring,
like Africa elbow on the worlds below,
just in an awl that binder of strange,
yet is this consider the balance of rein???