Friday, October 7, 2016

Film Classes Reality Of The Outrageous First Words Of A Kid?? What Of Those Questions.......

Johno you constantly asked where is Brooklyn,
as you gave rise to the Bridges,
however in New York the bridge and the ferries carry loads to New York City??,
there are trains and the Subway for people to travel the rails.

As in the Oakland City Affair,
commuter's have been hired from out in Wares,
the oxygen of suffocation has greased our on bay to tear the common ground as water in hour city,
to that it has been a pier,
yes to that roster of Hell,
for the traffic gets to get a job calendar,
however it only groans the morning commuter,
sew apropos!!!

As the flavor of Goods is great at the shipping Port,
it is the car that has raised global warming to the world's text,
there it is plain as day in the find,
the population of Oakland Proper,
as the outed by those traveling from the far and away!!!

To bring photograph to such bearings,
the Oakland/San Francisco Bridge for the compass,
now on that chorus of your sibling,
Rebecca and where is Hallaway??

As a Ross stirred to that darling oldest sister of your's Johno,
mark the date as October 7th, 2016 and her choice of Jobs,
at that envelope her School of chosen to the BART grain,
what is your magnet to True North,
a Hemming Way??

The Bridge So Far Wins Two Emmys

Emmy winner
Local-Emmy-1“The Bridge So Far – a Suspense Story” won two Emmy Awards from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences –San Francisco/Northern California Chapter.  The Emmys were for Outstanding Achievement in Documentary and Outstanding Graphics and Animation in a Program.

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