Friday, October 7, 2016

The News On The When^D City Of It All Be Signed New York Sit^Deed

Field the freeze from the East Coast 'morrow,
as their compassion only shed's to their taro,
even in that is the street to Market Feat,
Division on the Media is by Station Identification,
so traffic.

It brings this Hurricane as a Policy to the television in Replace^Mints,
thank you for your channeling to distal raiser's as the edge of your vernacular cure,
language that only brings to your shores the avenue,
the charts!!

To the West Coast it is left for the storm,
yet as aware we are to earth quakes and shores sing to more than sand,
the East Coast Media has delivered an envelope and breaking the See^Old,
as pay^gunned.

For on their reserve is nothing of what is going once to a country,
the U.S.A. is a far-reaching comprehension to those be.Con's,
as on what is a show MSNBC Live channel 209 on DISH,
ankled desked.

What is that Turmoil on Reporter's,
the see wall for that street of grain,
thus the oats to beans and soy,
such fixed dollar pound to pence singing for the rather round!!!!!!

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