Monday, October 3, 2016

Old School Too!!!!!!

Earth at residence of grounds in Raced,
gathered upon a cycle of space shall show Time,
the spin of equator to the orifice ran,
rounds off energy to deal with Leans.


Tack of Weather a Moving Placed,
introduction of Reins,
Compass method Mirrors of land and All the Inch of Mankind.

Heavy are the layers Said A Meant,
Tiers of Fossil States,
through Time the math on Valley's debt,
rivers shaking shoes.

Towards Onward roads of Solar chose,
The Sun explosive Moons,
disk to ground electric sound,
energy in goes!! 

An arm at reach width Tide Charts,
up on stretch of dawn,
horror rise in often brain of hinge,
doors in whisking thresholds been.


Written October 23, 2015 by myself: Karen A. Placek