Monday, October 3, 2016

What Equals Wares!!!!!!

Buy the purchase of a thimble in the inch the thread of silks in the Web burr's rise,
a platter of lace to that buckle of shoe which craft Venue is the batter Up??,
is the whelp of the screen as those chain the ankle,
be of the string no theory to Land!!

Brain in the fast growth to the knee where is the valve of the giants on steel,
now the knights have cast bourne to make off the Movie 'V' splendor of the did??,
yappy the bellow on the Chimney is Splash??,
the Ponds on the lathe make in dressed for Stuff in??,
all while the world gallops the pole,
flag these to Wares in the Drugstores of Fee's in dust deed's in the Trades!!

Give to the Take Clip on the Theater and in the Between Pause for the Spits,
oil to the Hill on the Slides of the Films hour is the Min. IT to write Scribes from the Grave!!

Round to the Glass Break in the Yarn second Price to Saline as the Tiers angle Dice,
a rooster on Hen Roof the egg laying stray,
with a good chair understanding as the show in bee sea!!

Wow winced the Form^Ole to screech say it's Awl,


Barrel the base off Sands,
dials of written within 'caves' lens,
smitten upon painting with creeks,
rivers speaking stone mountains lanes.

Strides of 'the sky' a language off universe,
traveling suns to planets make sphere,
rounds touching flat ore grounds grind,
marching the comet explosive moons!!

See owe too the all sew,
threads towards language of pebbles & grapes,
wine on crush??,
no the vine must bee Press??

Sank in the fertile of Car Bon chalk let,
shade of tight Breath!!

Read line Fracture divide smooth stream gallons of Clear,
abc 'd' a curve sift once filter,
charcoal of Nap Ping!!

See change oh shin to wrench of bolt lights,
mince meet with in clue to Vat frogs toad,
stools of pigeon on anchors of shoal,
shaving cream aspirates to coffins & grommet.


Written 5:48 A.M. December 5, 2015 by myself, Karen A. Placek
Written December 6, 2016 by myself, Karen A. Placek

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