Friday, November 25, 2016

Pal Miner Read A Cent!!!

Shall I dense the dancing of Times in the Ages of Moons on the Suns of tune,
shard of note to the Corn of stock is the Watering whole as the Strong Find,
shipping lane to thought of the Egyptian chisel as I stood to Wall,
the hammer with each tap to grace the clay sand to write a Stood,
thorough to the Sphere oh what the Universe to sing Cosmic grains??,
no this is the Truth by the Compass of lives lived as the Breeze in it the Gentle expression of grass sway!!

Sheep on the Mountain as the storm ran to told,
striding through Orion's Belt way to path of earth,
wise is the memory of Words,
standing on to forward Trues,
compass of ships that wrote to say to Brave,
eagles floor is the majesty of delight from the breadth of life!!

Creation found flight as Evolution I truss to the Roof topped??,
never in the Infinite!!

Ever-lasting are the cent to that Copper Teak,
jade and the gold grains that flow,
such hands in the now of rice must only calendar a sought to this Tremendous Sight,
how that is the brilliance of harness to a bit bridle changed,
height for my mind to glee is the feeling of breast on the Vest of Mankind,
climbing the Vast in a Vista of LAND!!

May the famine of speech to the aggrieved by sound to question of apathetic sorting of filing shore,
as the teach came with Ancient scene,
eyes that brought to that collection simplicity to threshold stored,
in my method of wheat as the fashion of address,
so much on my memorized stature to love the day with just said!!

Heave not humanity as the cold is nor chore to the frozen Ton.draw,
for life is expressed with each price at the footprints tile of spine,
every ankle of leg to the girth of why is the tide on the waves,
be further than no moment as that is the gift of a Redwood to the standard of Grove,
it is the measure of ole tied full,
vernacular to the type shine with grin smiling the shin!!

Hard Tales to dial,
however it is the shale speaking through,
with dust there is the sky,
while the scramble may felt to only a rub it is the Trees that ring mastery to memoire,
hymns that swam to sing belief!!