Friday, November 25, 2016

The Hull^A^Cost Made This Sir^Real??

Lie bell thou depth of Ancient Alien marsh to the Deluge of Meteor,
these bravado what Times on said drew^wool,
the today mass of religious land has removed,
what is thy sell for the raise,
the cross or the nails on the split of hares to Matrix of rabbit trolls??,
announce on that discovery channel the blind,
as the cavern of walls to explanation of the texture in that is the leaves??,
what fashion is the lantern??

Does the Human loan on the Seer just priest,
is not the fountain of that the mouth of technique,
lines on the grains off the Tremble of at,
or is it just the increase of doubt craft that anxious borrows to a mat??

Wise is the under Water cheer to volume as this World lanes,
crease amongst that is the fallen troop to drone about,
as the measure of the shaking loose of dust gavel,
ankle to twilight religion Catholic to the basement of haul of records??,
is it the Nuclear Weapon that blasts,
the blanket of language for whom shall frit to stormed??

Ask knot of the shipping truth as the overlook grants these stays,
people rush to church of your pew,
as the paint dries under the brows of sweat gone,
make merry the glass of whine to praise your choose,
than as the Sun rumbles to Moon glance,
blink touch the language of confusion,
the fed frank in sense as the alternative??,
than what is the fear in the fright of glacier??,
a drain??

Bleed till the Stars say to you're compass that Swings are a lullaby shutter,
for in ample the lime,
that is the gland of this Worlds contagion,
shiver the sweet bitter and pronounce the nest of say to the chapter review,
for in the flood the bow road tide,
the salt spake to sand,
the Mountain framed the land to status,
the posture of grace must muster to dig the true Tale to reality today.

The American would rather a sty than know of the Infection,
grand Canyons to Valleys that Oceans a talk,
waving in the sleep to rise at the weather of the horn,
homes of denial of rest to tune to the feat is tasted,
at dine be shovel of the grave,
cheese at gum to eyelids that crown the skull of bind??

Bound person become from the harness of response,
a bill it tea to know that back a gain has risen this blanket to darn,
the string of yarn to the fiber of the Internet tiles,
shingle snail as the banana fell to the slip of what slug??,
a bee Con or the Score pea Yen piece of Chess??

Board these bring terminals as only the ever Trains,
each loaded to caboose a sky,
as the hard is difficult than does the hand hand sum or gravel to the desk of term,
wise is the ancient foundation to be of great sort,
in each civilization the theme of ground did the mark,
in those simple pleats the jewels of Nile grave did the human yoke??,
nigh the religions anchor to death by death in a bolt.

Threats at the arm of for give to pay no portion but gag is the delivery,
people fall to pray at the heap of body glue and bones of shoe,
lacing at each scratch the scar of where is the stream,
grains of metal to counting gold twilight on the bare,
the embarrassment of the garden to eat again is the shiner of black eye peas??,
than did the frogs boil to toad a style of pigeon??,
for the message the elephant pile.

Forest of growth to the Moon on print,
lava on the molt of a butterflies friend,
house the crevice of core.vast must paint to speak a clay,
over obvious the better rein is the knowledge,
that Tree gave more in a letter than the rib??

Spinach to the Muscle,
a small fragment of sentence sing,
the writes of sit deed said,
to be of the honest detail as the world plots.

Humanities shrill is poured in Modern Society that question caters to death grabbed,
how more to the lost civilizations to antler of the rub,
is the lathe of scratch your head or the shire to bank the Steep,
study of Wares,
wince I plain as the dust rise,
shelves of blood that have iron grate fertile fills beneath the formula of city tiled,
and yet still are the oars in what path is the stroke,
must be the bran Sun that shapes shades to loose the after noon to grave detailed,
in slumber horror be trails tire to tread of graduation,
a sample of dim Poles??,
dial twine and crop bail.

Imagine for a module that reincarnation is reality and this is the balance,
lives on the not learned,
your footprints counting as the sand Dab,
in the fossil of every recording the spinal flows to tell,
than the reason for paganizing the brighter light would be of great fashion,
as the truth of responsibility would definitely not work in America,
as that certainly would bare read the actions of east to act stung,
the feather in the trial of Barrening the procession to stale,
that dry bread crumbling making each portion grew^wool,
for the in formidable idea at grass would twine to stock,
this would then vein as the next life saying what is your child.

Towards in System that Banks,
nan profit to tickle the prick of what Fin,
is the fish a balance to list the gin,
sound of the ice to remember the class,
grace be this barn of steady on my chase,
as the hoarse is of bit and the bridle is change??,
never has such society died of stretch the skin??,
never has the etch of the draw been of the ovens??,
never has the mounting Press sure said of shop Ping to glaze??

Over the bring to Rinse,
wash hands with the Soap Box on return,
as the dive trots your bowel and the Canter you're sad dull,
stride to the shards and shiver nothing as the file of which craft must Wok this Time of doors,
open wide to country hems,
Flags to know that Half-Staff is a tears mile on a life lost??,
what is the stars and stripes should the whale say motion.

Now Shell,
dew eye rise to say this is Haight in grit detailed,
or clam to speak muscle as the oyster says pearl.lean the facial recognition of the knows??