Thursday, December 22, 2016

Walk to the place that the sphere is in that bench graced by the venture of these earthly sleeves,
as the portion of what was beautified sure that scene to who is a hug and not that human dream,
stride dancing to know that the moon's are not needed in the sky,
for width the Sun as clouds shown are only a space of greater Means!!

Rivers bank to sounding so far that a path of memory will speak a gentle breeze,
each path true touch ground at that floors ride not the why, 
disappointed too,
well earth and people have stopped meeting,
no more twin flames to shine in a shore that stands a beach to wave to a read!!

Vikings at the Egyptian I memory,
from here to ears more than corn or bisque cheers,
happiness is hold to a greater fact,
these are the days of death in black,
more in calm,
a love that begun!!

Grief might in slate to a chalk outline,
yes indeed,
slabs of marble to the Granite tea,
chiseled Wells how deep is the Clyde,
a weight toes!!

Knives and splitters yet that is the lumber of kind,
nature grants such perfection,
lives on a fly`d,
across the fathom is a dimension of patience and a can,
slow lead,
no loneliness to Tide!!

On the Watch is I,
the coal the ember the fight,
fire is eternal to infinity be side!!

Harbors are not soles kept to growing only Exits and Moles,
green sleeves with the harp at strings song,
horns on the fulled.

Sounds no Echo,
truth and honor forest redwoods in sway,
how beautiful is life,
each every,
individual the sight.