Saturday, January 14, 2017

A Tross that shore to in the Toll what dimension gave to Read,
at stride to thunder lightening speak from found to gave it is rise in stack,
library course to Book off Kings second Blake version leaned,
duty finds that Honor loves,
story Times Ages sub.!!

Underwater Over Sea,
should what ocean wave,
beach is just the sand and Stone,
grip of chisel pixels grown!!

People did not respect the Land,
killed the Millions asked what's a tub,
tripe grape rib the Snapper claim,
getting grind to Mill's of grub.

Wormholes what!??! 
the people scream,
why the social bisque at sight,
bio-metrics just went beam,
one step Man the Feat the planned.

Vision came with truth been That,
An each of Upper grasp act Tack,
simple bridle rein of bit,
tasking note while writing Rote!!!!!

Written December 24, 2017