Friday, January 27, 2017

A Thousand Lives 'Afterlove' And My Twin Flames A Lifer!!
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I wrote the following on January 27th, 2017 after hearing James Blunts first release on Utube however I see that it has been removed and therefore for Honor & Duty, for Bill Graham and Janis Joplin, I have put to this The Secret of the Universe is Choice: Know decision.
James Blunt Official Audio Video for his New Album Afterlove 2017!!
~edited today January 30, 2017~
↜↜signed Karen A. Placek, Tiburon, California, U.S.A.↝↝

Best radio to know that life is a Wonder of the World at;

Listen to the Hostel on this YMCA of a tiger on the claws stretching through the energy,
it is that staple of the paper on the lyrics of the shackle of a Twin Flame in a torque of a stride,
straddle that with a Star in regular for the Earth,
on Osiris it's just me,
the System of the Cycles from a Million burns that makes it part!!

Trail of truth tale,
the compass grand to a magnet of posture in the Human Skin,
calling that Mankind is the Gran it stat shoe,
shale and pebbles,
tombs without the chiseled stone to scribe the grown! 

Rocky Mountain on an echoing trees and pylons with a rode to saddle the girth,
bridles and bit to cause,
wells of match the Mathematics Plato singing verse with Philosophy string,
thimble on the Tile of a cobbler,
nails marching a clog to haul lend!!

The Galaxy with Explore written,
it is the laugh that vocal transmission to what is in advantage of everything,
I grace magic ankle while the World Wars,
treat cabbage hash at the signed of contact once a base shore to Sand & Fleets!!

the whirl old sculpts,
carved through bones to marrow a day winking Old Man Clock at the Odin afar,
vernacular ample poetry with a tipping Ship on the owe shin file of Plainchant,
wording gives each card,
ends begins lucky strike,
as afterlife in relief,
no mile to trail,
lathe at laced with chorus,
so find this note to a chowder,
know clam that grits to forgot,
next live per for Mints,
chalk out line weekly bend marking the Lombard formed,
I won't know the word remember or the Lilt of a garden prose,
thankful I am for the society of this trade,
good buy for the spring,
riddles apron!!!!