Friday, January 27, 2017

Attention National Geographic for KIDs!!

This is a great adventure for 'The Begin' of what does 'across the pond' entail on the Inter-web today, January 27,2017 ( First ask your parental before this venture travels any personal computer to what you now understand, comprehend and are aware of called 'a digital fingerprint'!! Then, should permission be graced, be sure to invite not by introduction rather by invitation!!  Bringing envelope with a write of attraction to the pen or pencil, crayon or picture is a fantastic path to what is called a 'scrap book' which is similar to a 'Stamp Collection'!!  The best memory is the allowance of the time to believe a reminder??


600 hours a year on

Riddling pro's!!

ARTE provides programmes for everyone, including 85% European productions.
Today, we have to believe in and bring to life a Europe of values, a cultural Europe, and together write the unified European story that we need.
VĂ©ronique Cayla, President of ARTE France



ARTE offers a wide choice of high-quality programmes to 60% Europeans in their own language. ARTE programmes are broadcast in French and German 24 hours a day in HD quality on all screens. For 600 hours a year magazines, documentaries and shows are subtitled in EnglishSpanish and Polish. This is a unique experience cofinanced by the European Union since 2015 "to foster EU integration through culture by providing new subtitled versions of selected TV programmes across Europe".
As the European Culture Channel, ARTE provides cultural programming that fosters understanding among Europeans and brings people together. Since its creation in 1991, ARTE stands for cultural diversity and multilingualism. ARTE uncovers new talent, encourages artistic creativity, and preserves and promotes Europe’s cultural heritage. ARTE supports talented film-makers as a co-producer and shows ambitious new creations, daring drama and series. On offer are also bold documentaries, no infotainment but daily news of vital interest to Europeans. Not to forget the live music and performances and avant-garde magazines.

I have put to place the passage that sings notes to the World rum and that is what? A story embellished with your next essay of knowledgeable shipping? Peter Pan? Christopher Columbus? In reality it is your choice to discover!!