Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Bonjour Comment Allez Vou!!

The date was unknown to I as the blast of the sun began.  It rose to a yellow rope and that strata became what is now known as Time in the basket of a sphere of spreading Moons!  Each particle shredded.  It chose to beast only exit for the from of such an explosion the entry of at the speed of water, tiers tried to sconce as a light on a porch hotel room but the field of postured harness was to great for the force of Nature to sustain.

Skirting the immediate trip I was able to journal once, the record on actual text to be certain to have flown the shred to arrive on the nearest Star Constellation.  The heeded warming of what had just struck the form of what Earth People call the 'Big Bang' was so founded by another Solar Storm that even today the equals makes math friend again!!

Earth is a stride of gathered life, the animals have thrived, Mankind killed that life by the lack of sense to understand the food system being as a creek.  Shifted to no-energy, not even the speed of Sun could light the pad of my mind to speaking of the horror of mankind on it's pat to what is life.  Just as before their parade of tread has once again enveloped only death.  People of earth have need of a named planetary system now as the word on the film is the demand of referral to reference off transfer, therefor the perpendicular has won out to Planet Hopping.  Again this Vista of vortex trips to stuck on Earth yet the ground of under their feat has been double-backed to afford their shore as using description ground called earth, beware of their orifice, it kills rivers and fertilizes cactus to drink thorn priced as electricity stipends.


There it was in the actual.  I found the ground to say that Hell is the jello of your bound!  It shamed that person on the stride as I said to that Man, so blunt I was on that return of type. The look, what the Hell? Don't bother you're collection of gathering on the storm of the Solars as the town.  Each rising Sun you will regard to understand today this farther down!! Ref. this measure with what is a Viking? Nah is the la la la of the loop on your frown for it will smile you to the Moon!

Chapter 1

Trust the sky to the egg of the soup as that is the Pyramid to that gold in the ground.  Just as the directions came to the chisel on the Wall of the inscribed read till the sand becomes the quick start.  Speak with vernacular in my sleep brought to I the clause of no pause to this Earth of navigated before to see the future on the yesterday Peek!!

Mountain frame to the valley bridge that is the river on the Creek to the pebble, follow that still while the shards beat the Oceans on the ship building Crew.  In memory store that say to this inch as the Yard is mile to the speed bump of each life on the strip of the skin to the bone collection yard of the grave.  Look at the template read for the Officer on the found of that door, threshold at distance to rein back the saddle on the Horn!!

Be kin at the park to stall and buffalo a paddock of the Art sew the Cliff Notes with breadth and Teak toss at the Oak basis of the Redwood.  After that parking of the chess board to piece of the Bishop and remind the Self to bee at cent a meter. Element I is the dawn of the Ages in that is the Future of meal as the Worm Hole will deliver.

The envelope of letter touch that to the tile of shingle listening from that is the Technology of old past telling the knew technology a call to dial out Number Earth at the hemming way of the Equator.  The pedestal of that was the bodily feat to each the Independent tide.  Sand came to say that the grain was not the dust.  As the Ocean grey whale gave when to the fin for the shark such at this the shells bell was the Oyster Bay to stack a cave.  Thimble on the rafter off the human stork said that the egg soup was of the bisque once a chicken.  Industry tripped.

Sharps became the tone of a tree in the birch to sway against the read would of this detail asking what is that wind dull canyon.  Men stood to give a hand.

The Amazon grass to rise the dolphin just exit on the shoot a ripe melon at the seed of deception for the from ended the chimney as a chop to entry for the foot itself.  People grape to the hamburger hill stopped civilization in the year of 2017 for the grape to envelop was no longer than a sleeve.  Pants and dockers, piers and rats to seas of read lips and the venture grew to crops and bale, prison was the indeed of the dead soar.  Men fell to the waterfalls grand that mountain stride to the echo of former Mankind.  List by list the World rolled to blunt, yet the disappointment reminded me that Plato said.

Just to math the clock with the oh sigh wrist guitar playing stoop structured an avenue to laugh at the call and more the fathom to the deep.  It is blue and the beat is the walking rift be twilight to the wink that the Universe had galaxy on the Solar Complex.

End by end, lest by let it is just the rising Sun to swarm as that is people on the hemming way of the stalk of corn and the paddy wagon of chains and balls!!

Chap. One shifted to zip the due twas a saddened grace to seat a rein, wise were the ancients that trained more than the click and swipe.