Wednesday, April 12, 2017

What's A Petal, The Flower To See The Sigh Cold??

Building the slight of the aquatic's in write to verse a stride of harnessed path pate,
what strips the lather but the lashes as Narcissus gaze is the brush strokes to mirror a Time,
in Ages on the aye earn,
that cheek key gathering of Coal lecture to the Mass is that Muse see Um!!

Stretch the stipend,
make today yesterday,
with whisk braid that Tail of the Hoarse is a matter of Words due mat Tour.

Strides of speech,
spoke in the Wheel of just the Church,
yearly grass to that Pot of what is a drug,
truth on that a dry Sun,
Moons and the paradox of Signs!!

Steep a kettle with the stream as a Creek to bench that river,
while the flow is in the hill of a stitch to the skull,
the brain in thought of how the Town and the sit deed people process that paint,
now on the Masque care Ra.

Source: Pierre Cabanne CUBISM
The clear and airy cubist syntax of the Balconies, geometrical tables on which are set still lifes couloured without excess, clearly cut out in a fixed space which opens out onto a perfect blue sea, is a long way from the austere, hieratic and complex vocabulary of the past.  The poet is evoked "Tout est ordre et beauté..."  It reflects the painter's fulfilment, in a happy period of his life, untroubled by major worries and dark thoughts, economically secure.  Cubism has moved from the mental to the visual, economically secure.  The year 1920 is taken up by the scandalous events and the aggressions of Dada; having at first asked the dadaists to participate in the third exhibition of the Section of d'Or, the cubists decide to exclude them after a general meeting held in February and Gleizes violently attacks them in the periodical Action.  Picabia never short of repartee, replies in the Cannibale to "monsieur le chef du Cubism", accusing his "sexual apparatus" of "building aquatic cubism....". Picasso must have enjoyed that!